Hot News: Wallachia – Album details unveiled + video trailer

The title, artwork and full tracklisting of WALLACHIA‘s upcoming third full-length are now unveiled. Recorded, mixed & mastered atSoundtempel Studios“Shunya” is an introspective, instantly-accessible Metal album that stays faithful to the epic-sounding natural rawness that has been WALLACHIA‘s trademark since the mid-90s. Artwork was crafted by Romanian artist Laura Sava and can be seen in bigger size here.

Tracklisting is as follows:

1- Dual Nothingness
2- Gloria In Excelsis Ego
3- Ksatriya
4- Enlightened By Deception
5- Hypotheist
6- Nostalgia Among The Ruins Of Common Sense
7- Harbinger Of Vacuumanity
8- Emotional Ground Zero

The album will be available on CD on November 16th (January 8th 2013 in North America) through Debemur Morti Productions.
In the meanwhile, a video trailer is viewable through our YouTube channel:



WALLACHIA is a one-man project by Norwegian musician Lars Stavdal. Created in 1992, the band first fully came to life in 1995 when becoming a duo with the inclusion of Eystein Garberg (now guitarist in the Norwegian folk-metal bandLUMSK).

In the fall of 1995, Lars and Eystein spent 3 days in a professional 24-track analog studio and recorded their debut-demo which was self-released on tape in March 1996, simply entitled “Demo 1996”.

After a second pressing of the demo tape, the band signed a contract with French label Velvet Music International to re-issue the demo on CD format.

In July 1997, they released this as the “Wallachia” MCD; at the same time they decided to work with VMI for a full-length album.

For the debut album, Lars took charge of all instruments and vocals, only having two session drummers playing on four songs each. “From Behind The Light” was released by VMI in September 1999, only a few weeks before the label sadly disbanded.

After a long hiatus from the surface of the music scene, Lars – having created another album in the meantime – returned in 2005 with a re-release of “From Behind The Light”, including the demo songs as bonus. This was released by US label Dark Horizon on CD format as well as a tape version by Ukrainian label Nightbirds Rex (run by Roman Saenko of DRUDKH fame).

In 2006, WALLACHIA recorded an instrumental pre-production for the entire second album, which caught the attention of musician/engineer/producer Stefan Traunmüller from Austrian bands GOLDEN DAWN & STERNENSTAUB. Stefan offered his help to produce and record the album and also hooked Lars up with a drummer to step in. In the fall of 2007, the drums were recorded by Austrian drummer Thomas Kocher and, finally in the summer of 2008, Lars travelled down to Austria himself and recorded the whole album with Stefan as producer.

The second album, “Ceremony Of Ascension”, was released by German label Twilight Vertrieb in April 2009 and received a good reception from fans of old as well as presenting a new name to the present generation of extreme metal fans.

Now, in 2012, a new album is in the works. With the drums already recorded by Thomas Kocher and with Stefan once again as producer, the same crew that worked on the previous recording will be behind this one.

The album will be entitled “Shunya” and is a very personal and gloomy record for Lars, taking more inspiration from his own life and experiences rather than exterior subjects. It dives further into the melancholic sound of WALLACHIA and contains a lot of bleak atmosphere. At the same time, it’s faster and rawer. The band is enthusiastic about the songs and about the co-operation with Debemur Morti Productions, which will yield a 2012 release.

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