Hot News: Winter of Despondency Tour 2013

France’s MORTIFERA is set to headline the “Winter Of Despondency” tour in December 2013, which will take place over 13 dates in central Europa. Finnish TOTALSELFHATRED and German FREITOD are to support the tour, presented by Fuck christ Bookings. Routing confirmed so far for the “Winter Of Despondency” includes exclusive clubshows only, there will be no festival appearances:

Sat 30/11: SPA – Barcelona, La Resistencia *
Wed  4/12: FRA – Lille tbc **
Thu  5/12: BEL – Gent, The Frontline **
Fri  6/12: NLD – Rotterdam, Baroeg + Celesterre **
Sat  7/12: GER – Oberhausen, Helvete + special guest Murw
Sun  8/12: NLD – Arnhem, Willemeen + Silent Leges Inter Arma
Mon  9/12: GER – Berlin, K17 + Silent Leges Inter Arma
Tue 10/12: GER – Erfurt, From hell + Silent Leges Inter Arma
Wed 11/12: CZE – Pilsen, Pod Lampou
Thu 12/12: AUT – Wien, Escape Metalcorner
Fri 13/12: GER – Großerlach, VFRR
Sat 14/12: SWI – Olten, Provisorium 8 + Borgne
Sun 15/12: FRA – Paris, L’Orchidée du Cheval Blanc **

* Only Mortifera
** Without Freitod

MORTIFERA was created in 2001 by Noktu (Celestia); Neige (Alcest) joined the band and after a MCD the first album “Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera” was recorded and released. This album reached an unexpected success for an underground release by selling more than 10.000 copies worldwide mainly in the underground. Mortifera served and still serves as an inspiration for several new waves of music, for example the Canadian wave with bands like Forteresse, Monarque, Sombres Forets, Gris, as well as the shoegaze/blackgaze subgenre. In 2010, a second album “Maledictiih” was released and the band started to play live for the first time. A headlining European tour over 10 days and some selected worldwide festivals and clubshows were done.

In 2013 the band is coming back with a new split release with the Chinese band Be Persecuted and two albums are going to be released soon; “Bleüu De Morte” being the first, scheduled to be released in November on Apparitia Recordings / Drakkar Productions.

Recommended to fans of: Alcest, Amesoeurs, Forteresse, Celestia, Joyless, Peste Noire, Austere.
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TOTALSELFHATRED plays extreme oppressive black/doom metal. This is the bands’ second European tour; in 2009 Totalselfhatred toured with Hypothermia. Since then, the second album “Apocalypse in your heart” was released on Osmose Productions. The album defined the unique sound of the band even more: no minimalistic sound for these six Finns, but a full and heavy, massive whole, with lots of attention to details and dynamic song writing. The four (!) vocalists spew their hatred in the English, Finnish and German language.

Recommended to fans of: Shining, Abyssic Hate, Esoteric, Forgotten Tomb.
Official Facebook:
Official website:

FREITOD was founded in the cold februari of the year 2005, with the goal to make negative, sad, emotional, and especially honest music. The roots lie in black metal, but influences from all kinds of melancholic metal and rock are incorporated. Acoustic guitars and clean vocals are used since their first demos and their style was more and more personalized on their two albums on Ván Records. The bandname (translation: free-death) represents the positive possibility to receive freedom through the ending of life.

Recommended to fans of: Katatonia, Burzum
Official Facebook:

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