Hot News: Witherscape – New track „Dead For A Day” launched via lyric-video; Online pre-order links available!

WITHERSCAPE, the stunning new dark metal outfit formed by Swedish singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer extraordinaire Dan Swanö together with fellow Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ragnar Widerberg, will soon be releasing their debut album „The Inheritance” on July 29th, 2013 in Europe and August 6th, 2013 in North America via Century Media Records.

In order to further introduce the qualities of „The Inheritance”, WITHERSCAPE are now launching a lyric-video for the album song „Dead For A Day”, presented to you courtesy of Germany’s Rock Hard magazine here: www.rockhard.de

Dan Swanö checked in to comment on „Dead For A Day” as follows„Dead For A Day” is one of those songs that just wrote itself. I was strumming on the acoustic guitar one morning and it just poured out of my fingers. At first I had no idea what to do with the song since I felt it was perhaps a bit too commercial for WITHERSCAPE, but after I played the demo to Ragnar he insisted that it must be on the album! I love how the song moves between the mellow verses à la „Crimson I & II” to the more brutal, yet melodic chorus, in the tradition of „Uncreation” and „Twilight” through the groovy but „undanceable” 9/8 section that leads to one of Ragnar’s best guitar leads of the album.”

Also check out the WITHERSCAPE song „Astrid Falls” here: www.youtube.com

A comprehensive interview with WITHERSCAPE mastermind Dan Swanö about WITHERSCAPE can be seen here: www.youtube.com 

WITHERSCAPE‘s debut album will be available in the following standard tracklisting:

WITHERSCAPE – „The Inheritance”:
1. Mother Of The Soul
2. Astrid Falls
3. Dead For A Day
4. Dying For The Sun
5. To The Calling Of Blood And Dreams
6 .The Math Of The Myth
7. Crawling From Validity
8 .The Wedlock Observation
9. The Inheritance

Additionally to the standard jewel case CD and the digital download version, „The Inheritance” will also be available as limited edition Mediabook CD including two special bonus tracks as well extended artwork with a 32-pages booklet featuring the full shortstory concept for this album and also as LP (plus full album on CD as bonus). The 2 bonus tracks cover versions are the following:

10. Last Rose Of Summer (Judas Priest cover version)
11. A Cry For Everyone (Gentle Giant cover version)

All physical formats of WITHERSCAPES‘s „The Inheritance” album (Including a shirt/cd bundle offer) can now be pre-ordered from CM Distro in Europe HERE!

WITHERSCAPE marks the long overdue return as active composer and recording artist for Dan Swanö in the world of extreme Metal, after having mostly been involved on the studio mixing end of things in these past years. Granted, „The Inheritance” is not purely a Death Metal release, but it smoothly showcases both the heavier and the mellow sides of Swanö’s creativity and should consequently not only please fans of his earlier efforts like „Moontower” or the Edge Of Sanity catalogue, but also attract friends of progressively atmospheric contemporary Metal in the vein of Opeth, Katatonia or Amorphis.

WITHERSCAPE‘s „The Inheritance”, which comes packaged in artwork by Travis Smith / Seempieces (Opeth, Nevermore, Death, Katatonia, etc.), is the first release under a longterm worldwide recording deal signed between Dan Swanö and Century Media Records earlier this year.

Dan Swanö – Vocals, Drums and Keyboards
Ragnar Widerberg – Guitars and Bass

More details on WITHERSCAPE‘s „The Inheritance” will be revealed in the coming weeks…


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Hot News: Witherscape – „The Inheritance” out now in Europe; „Album of the month” in Germany’s Rock Hard!


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