Hot News – Woods Of Ypres: Release New Track, Discuss Forthcoming New Album (Part 2)

Canadian blackened doom metal outfit WOODS OF YPRES recently finished recording their new album, WOODS 5: GREY SKIES & ELECTRIC LIGHT, with producer SIEGFRIED MEIER at Beach Road Studios in Ontario, Canada.

The band have released a brand new track from the album, titled “Career Suicide (Is Not Real Suicide)“, which is available to listen to now at

WOODS OF YPRES frontman, DAVID GOLD, recently took some time to discuss WOODS 5: GREY SKIES & ELECTRIC LIGHT.  Read part 2 below:

“W5: ‘Grey Skies & Electric Light’ describes where we’re at now.  The colours are black, white, grey, silver and electric blue.  The season is winter.  The location is the city, with forests inside.  Times are bleak but we have things to comfort us.  We pass the time.  Devour life, or let it sit, but universal in desperately trying to salvage and savour the last of it.

“We accept that there is no God, no afterlife, no life before this one, as this is all there is.  Existence is the occupancy of one body and just as Stephen Hawking recently said, ‘there is no heaven for broken down computers’, and just as simply, nor is there anything more for us.  Death is not a transition, ‘Death is Not An Exit (death is the flick of the off switch)’, which really, makes so much difference to me in how I conduct my life, knowing that for sure.  At its core, that’s what the album is about to me, having one shot at life, carrying grief and longing and emptiness throughout it all.  In the end, what you wanted was what you wanted, whether it was realized or not, you love who you love, anything else won’t matter and that’s okay.  That’s life.

“When writing the album, I’d try to focus on imagining what it would feel like to not exist.  I would still picture it as this endless black space, like outer space full of stars, or a silent black ocean, but that’s just my imagination.  I then thought about how a longing that perpetuates unchanged and untouchable throughout eternity is the ultimate tribute, and really, much more romantic and exciting than dying satisfied and wanting nothing more.  I prefer to want forever and I intend to.  That’s love.  It’s proof that you loved in the first place.  Life changes but love does not.  It’s the one thing you can try to have in life, take with you when you go, the one thing you will have always left for others to have and the one thing you allow yourself to have.  Death can be a comforting thought when non-existence would be like a big, black, warm, fuzzy, endless, bottomless, drunk hug goodbye that lasts forever.

“In the end, we are all alone.  It’s not who loves you, but who you love and you’ll always have that whether that love was reciprocated or not.  In the meantime, we live this bleak life and modern times of grey skies and electric light.  We wait.  We pass the time.  We listen to music.”

Part 1 of the discussion is still available at

View some photos from the studio:

WOODS 5: GREY SKIES & ELECTRIC LIGHT is due to be released in early 2012 on Earache Records.

WOODS OF YPRES‘ previous album, WOODS 4: THE GREEN ALBUM, is available now on CD and limited edition coloured vinyl.  Get the album in North America at or in Europe at

WOODS OF YPRES‘ first four albums are all available on iTunes at

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