Hot News: Yurei reveals long-form video for forthcoming Adversum album

Today, YUREI reveals a special long-form “video presentation” for their forthcoming Night Vision album, set for worldwide release on October 29th through ADVERSUM. The video is a cooperation between Trine + Kim Design Studio (Mayhem, Shining, Ulver, Virus, Solefald, Fleurety, etc.) and video artist Kristin Bøyesen (live/video member of Ulver), featuring sole YUREI member Bjeima. Like a night-time walk inside a Dali painting where open landscapes, liquid clocks, and burning giraffes are exchanged with claustrophobic city streets, sleepwalking mutants, steaming machineries, and vomiting angels, the video trailer can be viewed here:

After the critically acclaimed Working Class Demon from 2010, YUREI returns with a work venturing even further into the weird. Building on the same expression as his first album, Night Vision takes it all so much further and travels into a landscape of his own; gone are the distorted guitars (removing the already faint previous traces of metal) and in comes a parade of Dali-like creatures of the night: twisted, progressive, Lynchian tracks with hectic Balkan-inspired outbursts going off inside the dissonant but still melancholic and driven rock. This is night music interpreted by of one of Norway’s most gifted composers: all music is written, performed, and recorded by Bjeima, a multi-talented musician working with several groups, all of them in different ways stemming from or building upon Norwegian avant-rock or post-black metal mindset and instrumentation, from playing bass in Virus to being the sole creator and performer in Alfa Obscura and The Ghost Conspiracy as well as YUREI and also being the drummer and a key contributor in -M-, Swarms, and Delirium Bound.

ADVERSUM is an exclusive, elitist label founded in 2010 and currently with four prior titles to its name. The label comprises two individuals, Kim Sølve (Norway) and Kim (Belgium). Kim Sølve (Norway) has been running TKDS/Trine + Kim design studio with colleague Trine Paulsen since 1999. Together, they have done artwork for artists like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Ulver, Ved Buens Ende, Virus, Fleurety, Ihsahn, Arcturus, Manes, and Solefald, as well as working with publishing houses, theatres, modern ballet ,and much more. Kim (Belgium) runs Neuropa, an industrial and neofolk label releasing artists like Toroidh, Militia, Death In June, and Orchestra Noir.

full tracklisting for YUREI’s Night Vision
01 Insomniac Bug Hunt
02 Reborn In Reveries
03 3am Revolt
04 The Cognitive Crack
05 Diminished Disciple
06 Sleepwalkers In Love
07 Dali By Night
08 Ditt Monument
09 Machinery
10 Cranial Echoes

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