Hot News: Zolle – Debut From Psychedelic Doom Trio Set For Release Via Supernatural Cat

Supernatural Cat, the Italian underground label run by Malleus Rock Art Lab, the artist collective featuring two members of the psychedelic doom trioUfomammut, has confirmed its next release. After a busy 2012, the label seems to have been laying low, however, behind the scenes they have been busy working on several new projects.

ZOLLE, self-proclaimed rednecks, are on the loose and ready to run amok with the release of their self-titled debut album, an ode to backwoods ways of living. They might not take themselves too seriously but don’t be fooled, their music is much more intense than a lazy hayride; brace yourself for a ferocious, rampant record of thunderous riffs and robust drum blasts. Formed by Marcello Lan (Morkobot), who lays down the meaty riffs, and counterpart Stefano who beefs things up on drums and xylophone, the duo commenced work on their debut album throughout the summer of 2012, and in just two months they had the music ready to commit to tape. Their self-titled album was recorded in September of the same year by Michelangelo Roberti at Mizkey Studio (Morkobot) and mastered by Giovanni Versari (Zu, Morkobot, OvO, One Dimensional Man). It was almost all played live, with overdubs reduced to the bone. The drums are of considerable proportion and made of copper and the amplifier an old digital model of the ’50s which makes for a mammoth sound. Finally, Urlo from Ufomammut and Roberto Rizzo of Quasiviri/Runi add synth seasoning to flesh out the album.

The resulting album is thunderously heavy, the short songs are direct and song titles are entrenched in references to redneck living. For example “Mayale” is a play on the Italian word for pig [Maiale] but is written like “Maya” to reflect the sacred image of the Mayan pig face adorning the album’s cover. Similarly, “Heavy Letam” is suggestive of “Letame” — which means manure in Italian — resulting in an anagram of “heavy metal.”

ZOLLE may be a no-frills band but there is much more to them than meets the eye. They are far from restrained and their debut album will definitely give you something to chew on. Supernatural Cat will set Zolle loose on May 13th. For early insight into what the band is about, check out the new trailer below.

Zolle Track Listing:

1. Trakthor
2. LeeQuame
3. Forko
4. Mayale
5. Man Ja To Ja!
6. Melicow
7. Heavy Letam
8. Weetellah
9. Trynchatowak
10. Moongitruce


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