Pathfinder – New album news!

Second album entitled “FIFTH ELEMENT” is scheduled for release on May, 23th in Japan and Asia (by Avalon /Marquee) and May, 26th Worldwide (by Sonic Attack Records).

Karol Mania: “The painting was done by Felipe Machado Franco exclusively for Pathfinder. We’ve always admired his work and it’s an honour for us to co-operate with such great artist”

The tracklist of “Fifth Element” will include the following songs:

1. Ventus Ignis Terra Aqua
2. Fifth Element
3. Ready To Die Between Stars
4. The Day When I Turn Back Time
5. Chronokinesis
6. March To The Darkest Horizon
7. Yin Yang
8. Elemental Power
9. Ad Futuram Rei Memoriam
10. When The Sunrise Breaks The Darkness
11. Vita
European Bonustrack: Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea (Cover

Arkadiusz E. Ruth: „This opening song to French animation from 80’s originally called “Les Mondes Engloutis” and in English version known as “Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The See” or “Shagma” was with us since our childhood till these days, so we decided to cover this great composition from Vladimir Cosma in two languages English and French.”

Japanese Bonus Song: If I Could Turn Back Time (Cher’s Cover song)

More news from the new album soon!


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