Hot News – Negură Bunget: Transilvanian Trilogy – Musical and visual project

2011. Júl 2, 8:08 :

Negură Bunget is ready to announce the next major step that will shape the evolution of the band in the following years. After the Vîrstele pămîntului album, which got some amazing response from audience and media, we fell it is our purpose to take everything to an even higher level. With this in mind, our next project is a musical and visual trilogy centered around the Transilvanian lands. It is both our personal and band destiny to undertake this exploration and presentation of the things that inspired us since the very beginning. Everybody can rest assure, we are not here to perpetuate the typical stereotypes, but rather unveil the unknown treasures the Transilvanian lands are so rich in. Be prepared to discover a whole new dimension of what these lands are all about.

Each part of the trilogy will evolve into fully developed musical and visual sides which we are developing together with our friend and visual artist Daniel Dorobantu and our friend and modern composer Dan Popescu.

The first part of the trilogy, entitled Tău (engl. your) will unveil the natural landscapes, by exploring 9 unique natural places, with their mystique, atmosphere, legends and meanings. The second part will explore the human components, the traditions and practices, the connection with the nature, the way this relation shaped the spiritual horizon of the local inhabitants. The last part will focus on the spiritual elements, the values that defined and made these lands immortal.


Hot News – Cipher System: New Album + Deal With Nuclear Blast

2011. Júl 2, 8:04 :

Nuclear Blast records, is happy to announce the signing of the swedish futuristic and extreme metal act CIPHER SYSTEM.

15 years after the birth of the band, CIPHER SYSTEM returns with what has to be described as a masterpiece in a genre where innovation has become sparse, putting their murderous machinations on public display, forged with fearsome skill and precision: “Communicate The Storm”. Packed in the rapturous art of a true genius of darkened visuals, Seth Siro Anton (Soilwork, Paradise Lost, SepticFlesh), and with a mix once again stemming from the hallowed grounds of Studio Fredman, this colossus of an album is sure to send tremors throughout the scene when it hits the street on September, 9th 2011!

The band is adding: „When you have been in this business as long as we have, you take everything with a bit of "this will never happen, but it would be great if it did" attitude. That is how we protect ourselves from not being broken down by all setbacks. So when we finished mixing "Communicate The Storms" we thought we had an great album in our hands, but after 6 months of recording and around 2 years of writing it, we didn't really knew for sure. But when we got contacted by Nuclear Blast we knew that we were on to something. It's a true honor to be signed to the label that gave us "Storm Of The Light's Bane", "Jester Race", "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" to name a few. Nuclear Blast was our goal and dream label when we started playing in the 90's, and we have finally found our way home.


Hot News – Pain: Tarot Will Join European Tour!

2011. Júl 2, 7:59 :

Finnish metallers TAROT (featuring Marco Hietala of NIGHTWISH fame) will join the European tour of the Swedish industrial metallers PAIN, led by iconic producer/musician Peter Tägtgren.

Marco Hietala has issued the following statement:
TAROT has a great privilege and an opportunity to follow Saint Peter and his disciples in PAIN on their European tour through 5.10.-2.11. 2011. This is a last chance to see us promote the album "The Spell Of Iron MMXI", and play live before I get active with NIGHTWISH again. We´re gonna be warming up for PAIN, and the first half of the tour we´re going to be joined with our home town boys from TURMION KÄTILÖT. So far we´re planning to change the opener of the shows every other night. So if you want to be sure to see TAROT perform, you should come early enough. Otherwise you are in danger of losing a seriously enjoyable ass whipping. With all the possible bad but nice intentions! Marco Hietala.


Hot News – Angelus Apatrida: Jackson Endorsement Announced; Working On Material For The Next Album!

2011. Júl 2, 7:55 :

Spanish Thrash Metal hopefuls ANGELUS APATRIDA have recently been presented as new endorser for Jackson Guitars, becoming the first Spanish band to ever be part of the Jackson Family.

“It’s a dream come true for us”, states guitarist Guillermo Izquierdo (pictured above!), “since I started playing guitar I knew that I wanted to play a Jackson. I just couldn’t imagine myself playing other guitars. All the bands I admired played them, and they look better than any other brands!”

This association between ANGELUS APATRIDA and Jackson marks another massive step forwards in the history of a band that in the last year has become used to break frontiers, not just in their homeland Spain, where they became a major success during 2010 topping all annual polls and entering the official sales charts, but also abroad. The awesome response their acclaimed latest album effort, “Clockwork”, the two European tours (with Skeletonwitch and Warbringer as well as being part of the “Bonecrusher Fest 2011” next to Dying Fetus, Keep Of Kalessin, Carnifex and many more) in support of the release as well as the honour of opening up for Slayer and Megadeth in Spain earlier this year have established the band within the Thrash Metal community as a strong and hopeful new force to be looking out for.


Hot News – Triptykon: To Be Touring As Part Of Hatefest 2011

2011. Júl 2, 7:50 :

Following extensive touring in Japan, the United States and Canada, and numerous highly acclaimed concerts and festival appearances in The Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Greece, Croatia, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, and France, Triptykon will continue to promote the group's "Eparistera Daimones" debut album in Europe by being part of the 17 concerts of Hatefest 2011.

Hatefest 2011's running order will be: Kataklysm (headliner), Triptykon, Marduk, Milking The Goatmachine, plus two further special guests.

The tour dates are:

December 2, 2011 Oberhausen, Germany (Turbinenhalle - Metalfest Winter Edition)
December 3, 2011 Giessen, Germany (Hessenhalle - Metalfest Winter Edition)
December 4, 2011 Paris, France (Alhambra)
December 5, 2011 Pratteln, Switzerland (Z7)
December 6, 2011 Innsbruck, Austria (Hafen)
December 7, 2011 Vienna, Austria (Arena)


Hot News – Trillium: The new Metallic flower conceived by American singer Amanda Somerville

2011. Júl 2, 7:41 :

Frontiers Records is excited to present a new and interesting musical project called TRILLIUM which features the talents of the American singer and songwriter Amanda Somerville.

Mostly known for her catalogue of projects, studio work, guest appearances and live shows garnered to date with bands like AVANTASIA, KAMELOT and EPICA, her most recent endeavors include touring with renowned artist Ian Gillan (DEEP PURPLE) and a duet album entitled Kiske-Somerville with metal legend Michael Kiske (HELLOWEEN).

TRILLIUM is however something new, exciting and very diverse for Amanda, who describes it “more like an expedition with my musical family to explore and celebrate the metamorphosis I've gone through as an artist over the past several years. Quite simply, it's my new baby”.

The TRILLIUM name came about since it “symbolizes a trinity because things are always showing up in 3s in my environment and there are a number of triads occurring in this project, as well” tells Amanda. “The name of the album, "Alloy," is symbolic and metaphorical.


Hot News – Noctem: New Album And Single

2011. Júl 2, 7:36 :

The new album of Noctem: "OBLIVION" is out worldwide through Rising Records.

The first single that the band released from this new album is entittled: Invictus!

You can listen it right now in the official networks of the band, myspace and herzio:
You can also check the teaser from OBLIVION in the youtube channel of Noctem:

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