Hot News – Gama Bomb: Channel Phil Lynott For New Album, Announce Live Stand-In For Injured Guitarist

2011. jún 17, 21:28 :

Irish thrashers GAMA BOMB are currently writing new material for their as-yet untitled new album.

The follow-up to 2009's TALES FROM THE GRAVE IN SPACE will be GAMA BOMB's fourth album and is tentatively due to be released early next year.

GAMA BOMB frontman PHILLY BYRNE comments:

"We're about to enter a studio in central Dublin to work on demos for our new album, which we're hoping to release in early 2012.  In terms of songwriting, we're writing much 'tougher' or meaner songs now.  We want to make music that street gangs could listen to before a fight, songs you can sharpen a switchblade to.  I've been looking a lot to Phil Lynott for inspiration, which can never be a bad thing.  He's always been a big inspiration for us, even if you can't always hear it.

"Mind you, we're also about everything from our history of underage drinking and theoretical physics to drag racing and (of course) cannibalism, so there's no knowing where this one is going to take us.  We're hopefully going to record here in Ireland and we'll pull no punches on either the speed of the riffs or the attitude of the songwriting.  That's the only plan right now."


Hot News – One Man Army And The Undead Quartet news

2011. jún 17, 16:17 :


ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET's Johan released a new facebook note about how the rehearsals are going - and about a guy named Pierre Lysell:

"We really are close to perfection now :-)
It just feels great to get back in our death metal shape again after being away for some while now.
Anyway, (...) there has been some major changes in the band. I will not go into any details right now but yes, Mattias is no longer in the band. He was very dedicated to music  but his vision kind of crashed with how we wanted to proceed with The Army. There is no need in going into more details.


Hot News – Municipal Waste: Signs With Nuclear Blast Records!

2011. jún 17, 15:53 :

Undisputed masters of the crossover genre, Richmond, Virginia’s MUNICIPAL WASTE are proud to announce their new worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records.

On their way to devastate the Mainstage 02 at Hellfest Open Air in France this Saturday, June 18th, WASTE members check in about their big announcement:

“It took a real long time to decide what we were going to do for our next record,” states WASTE frontman Foresta. “We wanted to work with a label that were not only fans of the band and our music, but were willing to get behind any ridiculous idea that we could think of. Once we realized this, Nuclear Blast was the obvious choice. The Blast has been friends with the band long before doing a record was even a possibility. I feel like we’re starting off with a clean slate and decade of experience to start back up on the right track. Expect some great things in the near future from the WASTE. This is only the beginning!”

"Nuclear Blast has shown their love for the WASTE for years,” Witte continues. “And when it came time for a new deal, it was a no brainer in my eyes. NB all the way. We are thrilled to be included among a roster of great bands and hard working people that love them. I can't wait to get into that studio!"


Hot News – Sabaton: Reveal Tracklist For „World War Live: Battle Of The Baltic Sea“!

2011. jún 17, 15:48 :

Swedish epic power metal superstars SABATON will release their first ever live album „World War Live: Battle Of The Baltic Sea“ on August 5, 2011.

The tracklist for the limited first edition 2CD/DVD package has been revealed now:

Battle Of The Baltic Sea
(Live At Sabatoncruise, Dec. 2010):

01. The March To War (Intro)
02. Ghost Division
03. Uprising
04. Aces In Exile
05. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
06. White Death
07. Swedish Pagans
08. Wolfpack
09. 40:1
10. The Art Of War
11. Attero Dominatus
12. The Price Of A Mile
13. Primo Victoria
14. Metal Medley
15. Dead Soliders Waltz (Outro)


Hot News – World Under Blood Reveals "Tactical" Track List!

2011. jún 17, 15:44 :

West Coast melodic tech-death outfit WORLD UNDER BLOOD has revealed the track list for its upcoming debut album Tactical, which is set for release on July 29th via Nuclear Blast Records.

The track list for Tactical is…

1. A God Among The Waste
2. Into The Arms Of Cruelty
3. Pyro-Compulsive
4. Dead And Still In Pain
5. Purgatory Dormitory
6. Under The Autumn Low
7. I Can't Stand His Name
8. Revere's Tears (with intro)
9. Wake Up Dead (MEGADETH cover song)
10. Alliance Or War (iTunes exclusive MALEVOLENT CREATION cover song)


Hot News – Swedish Melodic Rock champions Work Of Art are "In Progress" on their second album

2011. jún 17, 15:36 :

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of the anticipated second album from the swedish aces of melodic rock WORK OF ART « In Progress » on August 23rd in North America and August 26th in Europe.

Following the much acclaimed debut record « Art Work », WORK OF ART have not been resting on laurels. While main songwriter and guitarist Robert Sall contributed heavily to the success of the W.E.T. project with Jeff Scott Soto and Erik Martensson and singer Lars Safsund kept busy singing on other projects, WORK OF ART have been working hard to create the foundations of another amazing piece of music. « A lot of blood, sweat & tears went into the making of this album and I think it shows. Maybe we didn’t change the formula all that much» tells Robert Sall, «but we certainly made sure to write, perform and produce at our very best and I think we’ve taken a huge step forward on In Progress ».


Hot News – Sebastian Bach: Kicking & Screaming” Due Out In September Via Frontiers Records

2011. jún 17, 15:33 :

Get ready to rock, mothertruckers… iconic frontman Sebastian Bach’s brand new solo album,KICKING & SCREAMING, has been scheduled for release on September 23rd in Europe and September 27th in North America via Frontiers Records. The offering is produced by Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Shinedown, Atreyu, Filter) and features young virtuosic guitarist Nick Sterling and drum pro Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Riot, Iced Earth). Of the new effort, Sebastian Bach commented, “I could not be happier with my new album, KICKING & SCREAMING. The songs, performances and sound quality are beyond what I could have ever imagined. This is my best record yet and I can’t wait for all of you to crank it!

Bach and his crew have been keeping busy playing selected tour dates nationwide, including recent appearances at major festivals M3 and Rocklahoma, and will continue to tour throughout the summer (please see below for confirmed tour dates). Fans can expect Bach classics, as well as a sneak preview of material from the forthcoming album. Please click here for a new publicity image of Sebastian Bach (photo credit: Gabriel Goldberg).

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