Hot News – Doro Pesch Announces Two U.S. DVD Release Shows This Fall

2011. Júl 19, 11:38 :

In 2008, legendary metal queen, DORO PESCH, celebrated her 25th anniversary concert at the ISS Dome in her hometown of Dusseldorf, Germany. With over 8,500 people in attendance, the magical, full-documented performance included guest appearances by Overkill’s Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, Grave Digger’s Chris Boltendahl, former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen, Scorpions’ Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker, Liv Kristine (Leaves’ Eyes), Floor Jansen (After Forever), Axel Rudi Pell and many others. The set was recorded in its entirety and resulted in the mammoth 25 Years In Rock 2 DVD/CD set which includes the once-on-a-lifetime concert as well as out-takes fromDORO's 2,500th concert and more. 25 Years In Rock will finally be available to North American fans on September 13, 2011 via Nuclear Blast Records.

In conjunction with the Stateside release, DORO will perform two special shows — her previously announced appearance in New York City on September 9th and an additional show in Chicago on September 11. Both nights will include clips from the DVD, limited edition merchandise and an autograph session followed by a performance by the metal queen herself. Tickets are on sale now through all local ticket outlets!


Hot News – Earache Free Album Series Still Available To Download

2011. Júl 19, 11:32 :

Long-standing British indie record label Earache Records has always been known for breaking the trend, perhaps none more-so than with their free album series.

While most record labels try to fight illegal downloading, Earache has been one of the first to embrace it and use it as a way of giving something back to the fans, whilst allowing more people to hear great new music.  Albums in the series are not just free for a limited time, but will always be available to download for no charge.

The Earache free album series currently includes Irish thrashers GAMA BOMB's latest release, TALES FROM THE GRAVE IN SPACE, along with Singapore grindcore trio WORMROT's new album, DIRGE.  These albums are available for free in high-quality MP3 format, and yours to keep forever.

Download your free albums now at


Hot News – Living Eyes join the DW Family, "Starve for Agony" 7"EP out soon

2011. Júl 19, 11:28 :

Deathwish are proud to announce the debut 7"EP from Living Eyes.

A release date and Pre-ordering information will be announced shortly.

LIVING EYES "Starve For Agony"

Four losers make good after multiple stints in the septic tank that is modern U.S. punk/hardcore. Members of Ceremony, Look Back and Laugh, Punch, Talk is Poison, Skin Like Iron, Loma Prieta, Rely, Dead and Gone, California Love, etc. Nods to early North American primitive hardcore and UK punk stone carvings. Oakland.


Hot News – The Browning: 'Time Will Tell' Hardstyle Remix Available On YouTube

2011. Júl 19, 11:22 :

Texan electronic metal act THE BROWNING are preparing for the release of their debut album, titled BURN THIS WORLD, which is due to hit stores on October 3rd in Europe and October 4th in North America.

In line with THE BROWNING's electronic elements, one of the band's fan-favourite tracks, "Time Will Tell" - which was featured on a recent digital EP and has been re-recorded for the new album - has been remixed by internationally acclaimed Scottish DJ and music producer SCOTT BROWN.

Listen to the track now at


Hot News – Black Metallers Hellsaw Enter Studio To Begin Recording Fourth Album

2011. Júl 19, 11:03 :

Austrian Black Metallers HELLSAW entered Munich’s Dreamsound Studios last week to begin recording their fourth full-length album.  Titled “Trist”, the album will be the follow up to 2009’s “Cold” and is due for release on Napalm Records in early 2012.

Front man and founder Aries commented about the direction HELLSAW will take with the album.  “The German word “Trist” is difficult to define exactly but if you think of various connotations of solemnity and sadness you’d be thinking along the right lines.  “Cold” was more about melancholy, “Trist” is darker; it’s like the scent of fine whiskey and damp earth.   

“As a band, we always prepare thoroughly before going into the studio, but this time we’ve rehearsed even more in order to perfect the sound for each track.  We’ve also sought to redefine the HELLSAW sound, without losing our identity.  There needs to be a certain amount of experimentation with each new album in order to bring the sound up to date.  Without giving too much away, with “Trist” we believe we have found the perfect symbiosis between the old and new elements.  All the songs are strong, and it will definitely kick ass”.


Hot News – Chris Connelly Solo Album To See Release Via Relapse

2011. Júl 18, 12:05 :

Relapse Records will release the brand new solo album from prolific musician and writer Chris Connelly (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, The High Confessions). The new album, titled Artificial Madness, was recorded this past May at Engine studios in Chicago with producer Sanford Parker. Joining Connelly for the recording and adding to his distinctive vocal and guitar work was Noah Leger (The Karl Hendricks Trio, The(e) Speaking Canaries, Head of Skulls) on drums, Will Lindsay (Indian, Nachtmystium, Wolves in Throne Room) on bass, and Dallas Thomas (The Swan King, Circle of Animals, Asschapel) on guitar.

The title Artificial Madness is a reference to today’s insane reliance on needless technologies that has turned humans into head-hung, shuffling zombies. Connelly describes the release as “an adrenaline rush of paranoia, drawing on my history with bands like Ministry, Killing Joke, and The Damage Manual while retaining the melodic sense. It’s a statement against the way music has become a flaccid Eagles / Fleetwood Mac nightmare with no one fighting or asking questions anymore. It’s time for a revolution.”


Óriás és Isten Háta Mögött – Együttes Intimitás

2011. Júl 18, 11:34 :

Rendkívüli koncertre készül fővárosunk két meghatározó rockzenekara, az Óriás és az Isten Háta Mögött. Július 27-én az A38 Hajón olyan produkcióval áll a színpadra a két társaság, amire még nem nagyon volt példa a hazai rockéletben: az együttes intimitás jegyében egy összevont koncert keretein belül hangzanak majd el a leghíresebb Óriás és IHM dalok, ráadásul rendkívüli különlegességekkel is készül a két zenekar.

Igen, jól tetszenek érteni! Tehát ezen az estén nem váltja egymást a két koncert, hanem egybemosódnak azok. Akár a Közelítő távolító farkába haraphat a Fát dönteni, de az is lehet, hogy a Hídavatás lecsengésébe kezd bele Az egyikben ott. Köztudott, hogy a két zenekar tagságaiban két főnyi átfedés van, és azt is elárulhatjuk, hogy az összesített hatosfogat rendkívül jó kapcsolatot ápol egymással egyébként is, így egyáltalán nem meglepő, hogy a különleges ötletre minden tag lelkesen és helyeslően bólintott rá. A több mint két órás műsorral készülő szextett rendkívüli koncertélményt ígér, ahol eddig meg nem szokott szerepkörben is feltűnhetnek zenekari tagok a színpadon, ahol az egymás dalaiba kontárkodás szinte általános jelenség lesz, valamint soha nem hallott közös produkciók is felcsendülnek majd az est során.

A különleges koncert tekinthető mindkét zenekar budapesti állomásának is a bandák igen zsúfolt nyári koncertprogramjaiban, hisz mind az Isten Háta Mögött, mind az Óriás elcsíphető az összes nagyobb és kevésbe nagy nyári fesztiválon is – a zenekarok megszokott programjaival.

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