Hot News – Samael: Lux Mundi Europe Tour 2011!

2011. Júl 8, 16:03 :

Swiss Metal experimentalists SAMAEL will embark on a huge European tour with MELECHESH und KEEP OF KALESSIN. The tour starts in September.

SAMAEL-Mastermind Vorph has uploaded a video message for this tour, check it out. Check the clip below!


Hot News – Grave: Sign New Worldwide Deal With Century Media Records

2011. Júl 8, 15:58 :

Following Iced Earth and Borknagar, Century Media Records is proud to welcome back another band under the family’s wings: GRAVE. One of the very first Swedish Death Metal bands alongside Nihilist, Morbid and Treblinka, the band initially released their first demo in 1986 under the bandname Corpse, before they switched to GRAVE in 1988 and throughout all these years, they haven’t changed their style very much, while other companions left the true Death Metal path along the way, to bigger or less success. But it’s GRAVE’s longevity and consistency that survived any trend since the late 80’s and established them as one of the most important Death Metal bands ‘Now and Forever’.

Jens Prueter, Head of A&R Century Media Europe, comments on GRAVE’s return: “First time I saw GRAVE was in May 1992 when my friend Robert Kampf (founder of CM) asked me if I wanted to get tattooed by Vinny Daze (R.I.P.) from Demolition Hammer, who was in town with Massacre and Grave. I went to the show with the intention to get my first tattoo but was blown away by Grave’s pure Death Metal blast and ended up being way too drunk to still get inked later that night. I never tried to get tattooed again, but I stuck to GRAVE and I’m more than glad to welcome back Ola and his ‘new’ guys to Century Media.”


Hot News – Irish Folk metal band Cruachan Announce the following tour dates including South America

2011. Júl 8, 15:52 :

Cruachan, Co-creators of the genre Folk Metal was founded in 1992 by Keith Fay, John Fay and John Clohessy. With a love of Celtic music, history and mythology, they sought to incorporate these elements into their music and lyrics, on a scale that had never been done before. With a line-up playing a variety of Irish traditional and conventional metal instruments they released the “Celtica” demo in 1994, in this year they signed with “Nazguls Eyrie Productions” from Germany and released their debut album “Tuatha na Gael” in early 1995. The album suffered from poor sound and productions as the band were new to studio recording. Regardless, the album became by far the number one seller for the label despite selling out quickly in the few shops it was available in, not being replaced and not being promoted. As a result a lot of people who read the excellent reviews could not get their hands on the record. Cruachan went into studio again in early 97’ and recorded a four-song promo with a new female folk singer (Aisling). The new material was a lot more heavy rock orientated. The promo was for record labels only.

Century Media Records showed a lot of interest in 97’ and arrangements were made for a signing. We left “N.E.P.” and negotiated with Century media. Unfortunately this deal never materialised. Cruachan continued writing and playing, not only to metal audiences but in Celtic festivals and with internationally renowned acts to a variety of people. In Jan. 99’ Keith and John Fay decided it was time to source a fresh record deal as fans kept writing asking about the possibility of a second album.


Hot News – Nightmare to stream Crimson Glory cover version and reveal new album title

2011. Júl 8, 15:50 :

NIGHTMARE have recorded a cover version of the song "Where Dragons Rule", taken from the legendary CRIMSON GLORY album "Transcendence", as a tribute to vocalist Midnight. The former CG frontman Midnight (real name: John Patrick Jr. McDonald) passed away on Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 due to a "total kidney and liver failure." He was 47 years old. Today is the anniversary of his death and that's why this exclusive tribute from NIGHTMARE featuring an extraordinary vocal performances by vocalist, Jo Amore, is made available online - HERE.

In the meantime, NIGHTMARE already started the recordings of their new full length album to be entitled "Mercury Rain" and planned to be released in March 2012 via AFM Records.


Hot News – Almah reveal title and cover artwork of the forthcoming album!

2011. Júl 8, 15:47 :

ALMAH has confirmed the title of its upcoming third album, the follow-up to the previous success “Fragile Equality”, as “Motion”. The cover artwork is available below.

Furthermore, frontman Edu Falaschi issued the following comment:
“The cover has been created by myself with my own iPhone. I took a picture in Paris and used some applications to create that motion effect. Then Felipe used my picture and re-created this artwork in high resolution using Photoshop and completed it with new elements. This time we wanted something modern and direct to represent our music and we are totally sure that we got the result we really wanted since the very beginning. This CD will show the real Almah's language and personality! Stay tuned for further news!”


Amerikai kiadónál az Everwood!

2011. Júl 8, 15:32 :

Ígéretes hírek az Everwoodról! A zenekar leszerződött az amerikai ProgRock Records-al, így a Without Saving címre keresztelt harmadik stúdió albumuk már új kiadójuk gondozásában fog megjelenni világszerte.

A fiúk olyan illusztris művészekkel kerültek egy csapatba a ProgRock Recordsnál, mint (a teljesség igénye nélkül) a Pain of Salvationből jól ismert Kristoffer Gildenlöw és zenekara a Dial; a Metal Church gitárosának, Kurdt Vanderhoofnak zenekara, a Presto Ballet; valamint Steve Walsh, a legendás Kansas énekese.

Az új lemez várhatóan szeptember elején fog a boltok polcaira kerülni.


Hot News – Excruciator: Announce Debut Album Release Date

2011. Júl 8, 14:26 :

EXCRUCIATOR was formed in early 2008 when friends Chris Birkle and Josh Kay, both bored with the overdone nu-core sounds dominating the Portland metal scene, proposed the idea of starting a band that brought back the energy of the earliest days of death metal as it evolved from the ashes of thrash. The two convinced the destroyer of strings, Craig Bridenbeck, to join on bass and were complete shortly thereafter with the addition of thunderous beats care of drummer Marcus Hartford. Within a few months EXCRUCIATOR had built a solid repertoire of original songs hearkening back to the days before blast beats and down-tuning, pioneered by iconic albums such as Scream Bloody Gore by DEATH and Seven Gates by POSSESSED. Confident that they had hit their mark, the band entered the studio during summer 2009 to record their first proper demo entitled By the Gates of Flesh. The eight track demo quickly gained favor amongst the Portland metal crowd and this growing notoriety allowed EXCRUCIATOR to acquire gigs with national acts such as Forbidden, Cauldron, Enforcer, Ensiferum, Witchaven, Powerglove and Last Empire. Opportunity arose for EXCRUCIATOR when the band opened for Vektor during their summer 2010 tour. Thoroughly impressed with EXCRUCIATOR, the news made its way back to to their label, New York-based Heavy Artillery Records. The band was offered a deal and promptly joined the ranks with the release of By the Gates of Flesh as a five-track ep during November 2010, becoming the second installment in the label’s popular “Wax Maniax” series of limited edition vinyl and CD demo releases.

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