Hot News – Negură Bunget: Announcement of "Transilvanian Trilogy"

2011. Júl 1, 20:39 :

Negură Bunget is ready to announce the next major step that will shape the evolution of the band in the following years. "After the 'Vîrstele Pamîntului' album, which got some amazing response from audience and media, we fell it is our purpose to take everything to an even higher level," band leader Negru explains. "With this in mind, our next project is a musical and visual trilogy centered around the Transilvanian lands. It is both our personal and band destiny to undertake this exploration and presentation of the things that inspired us since the very beginning. Everybody can rest assured, we are not here to perpetuate the typical stereotypes, but rather unveil the unknown treasures the Transilvanian lands are so rich in. Be prepared to discover a whole new dimension of what these lands are all about. Each part of the trilogy will evolve into fully developed musical and visual sides which we are developing together with our friend and visual artist Daniel Dorobantu and our friend and modern composer Dan Popescu."

The first part of the Transilvanian Trilogy, entitled "Tau" (engl. "your") will unveil the natural landscapes, by exploring nine unique natural places, with their mystique, atmosphere, legends and meanings. The second part will explore the human components, the traditions and practices, the connection with the nature, the way this relation shaped the spiritual horizon of the local inhabitants. The last part will focus on the spiritual elements, the values that defined and made these lands immortal. These are the first completely new materials Negură Bunget will be releasing with Lupus Lounge/Prophecy Productions. Fans can follow the band's progress throughout this ample project on the brand new website as well as on the new Facebook page and the IMDb page.


Hot News – The Browning: "It Was Inevitable That Electronics Would Creep Into Metal"

2011. Júl 1, 20:37 :

Dallas, Texas electronic deathcore act THE BROWNING have just wrapped up a US tour with LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES and are now looking ahead to the release of the band's debut album.

THE BROWNING drummer NOAH "SHARK" ROBERTSON took some time out to speak about the band's unique fusion of metal and electronic music:

"It was inevitable that electronics would creep into metal, simply because you cannot ignore the natural evolution of technology. I mean, since the phonograph was invented back in the 1800s, we've seen a constant and relentless progression of recording technology and eventually electronic music and its incorporation into various genres, not just metal. It just makes sense! Computers have become more and more accessible and music software has advanced to astronomical heights. Lately, the metal world has seen increasing numbers of artists incorporating various synths, keyboards, and programmed computer parts into their music and it was only a matter of time before a band like The Browning came along to show the extreme music world where metal and electronics could go.


Hegyalja: Hotel És Vízi Tanösvény Készül Kelet-Magyarország Fesztiválfővárosában

2011. Júl 1, 20:25 :

2011. június 30-án lerakták a Hegyalja Fesztivál területén összesen 1,1 milliárd forintból a Tisza kemping egy részén épülő 150 fős, háromcsillagos Hegy’ szálloda, valamint a fesztiválterületet körbejáró Nagy-Morotva Vízi Tanösvény alapkövét. A fejlesztésekkel összhangban idén a fesztiválterületen belül működő Hegyalja kemping befogadóképessége 1000 sátorhellyel nő. A kibővített kempinget, valamint a fesztivál idei új helyszíneit, köztük az MR2 Furmint Klubot, valamint a Slayer, a Scooter, a Mastodon, a Kosheen és a Ladytron tokaji fellépésének helyszíneit a hivatalos helyszínbejáráson mutatták be a szervezők.

A fesztiválozók facebookon leadott szavazati alapján az első, 12 évvel ezelőtti Hegyalja plakát került az alapkőben elhelyezett időkapszulába. Emellett a Hegy’ rajongó Motörhead legenda, Lemmy dedikált pengetője, az első fesztivál belépői 2000-ből, valamint egy fesztivál-beszámolót tartalmazó rakamazi lap kap helyet az örökkévalóságnak megőrzött Hegy’ ereklyék között.


Hot News – Napalm Records: Heidevolk, Ex Deo, HateSphere

2011. Júl 1, 20:20 :

Heidevolk: New Album

Heidevolk issued an update for their fans: "Brothers and sisters! This summer we will record our fourth opus. The new, as-of-yet untitled CD will be a concept album, featuring nine songs based on the early history of the Batavian tribe. It will be recorded in Nico van Montforts's XPZ studio in Oppidum Batavorum, Gelderland, and the Abyss Studio in Pärlby, Sweden. Peter Tägtgren will take care of drum production and mixing. We expect to release it in early 2012."



Hot News – Inevitable End – Hail!Hornet – Morta Skuld – Revocation – Exhumed

2011. Júl 1, 20:15 :

INEVITABLE END: Guitar Lesson Video Posted Online

INEVITABLE END guitarist Marcus Bertilsson has created a brief video lesson for The Oculus tracks “Zen” and “Memento” that can be viewed now at

The Oculus, the follow-up album to 2009’s The Severed Inception, saw its release this May and is currently streaming in its entirety via the band’s website: The Oculus was recorded at HoBoRec Studio in Huskvarna, Sweden with producer Ulf Blomberg. Video footage of INEVITABLE END at HoBoRec can be viewed now at this location.

The Oculus is available now on CD (order here) and digitally (order at iTunes). The album’s complete track listing is as follows: “Tell Us, Parasites”, “Escaping The Black Hole”, “Zen”, “Dogmaties Paralies”, “The Supreme Treachery”, “The Oculus”, “While Surpassing Ether”, “Of The Well”, “Chamber of Apathy”, “Memento”, “Me Tem Psy Cho Sis”, “Cadaver Inc” and “Of Sublime Dimensions”.


Hot News – Havok: New Live Footage Posted + Update From The Road

2011. Júl 1, 19:58 :

Denver thrash battalion, HAVOK, are currently wrapping up a successful tour with Bay Area legends, Forbidden. The tour, which includes Revocation and White Wizzard, has ravaged its way through nearly two dozen cities with the band hitting Albuquerque, New Mexico tonight, Tempe, Arizona tomorrow and come to an official close in Escondido, California on July 2.

Commented vocalist/guitarist David Sanchez: "This tour has been absolutely killer! I've never had so much fun on the road. We've seen some very rowdy crowds and have definitely wrecked some necks! Every band on this tour is solid, so people are definitely getting lots of bang for their buck. See ya in the pit!"

Check out footage of the band playing at Studio 7 in Seattle on June 13 by pointing your browser HERE.


Hot News – Dark Funeral: Announce new vocalist and confirm 70000Tons Of Metal

2011. Júl 1, 19:53 :

Lord Ahriman admits that it surely was not an easy task to find a worthy replacement for Emperor Magus Caligula, who has been doing an amazing job for Dark Funeral during the past 15 years. The Lord says that he has not only been "the vocalist" for the band, but the also a very good friend of his and he always will be!

Anyway 10 months of intense search worldwide have finally given result and he is VERY proud to announce and welcome "NACHTGARM" to the horde.

Lord Ahriman: “I think, I can speak for everyone in the band and say that besides completely knocking us down with the strength of his vocals and wide register, what truly blew us away was his presence, energy and the amazing spirit he showed during the final audition. He just came into the rehearsal room, found and took his rightful spot. And then just set the whole place on hellfire! It's really hard to explain "that" certain feeling one is looking for, but once you get it, you just know that you've found the right man for the job. And that is something we all got “deluxe”. No doubt about that! Mankind has no idea what is coming upon them. And I can't wait to bring this maniac on tour for the world to experience DARK FUNERAL in the most intense and hellish way ever!

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