Hot News – Seven: New Album + Deal With Nuclear Blast!

2011. jún 28, 20:09 :

The czech Heavy Metal act SEVEN has signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records, who will release their new album „Freedom Call“ worldwide on September, 2nd.

"We are very delighted to announce that the new record is being released under the Nuclear Blast label, which is one of the biggest and most professional labels on the whole world. We are very proud of it and looking forward to the new fans", says guitar player and founding member Honza Kirk Behunek.

In their homecountry, SEVEN is already an established name. The band released several instrumental records, some with guest vocalists – including a best-of records with guests, such as DORO and BLAZE BAYLEY.

SEVEN recently supported RAGE in their European Tour. Also Victor Smoski produced „Freedom Call“, performed as a guest and wrote part of the lyrics. „Victor isn't only a great musician, but also an amazing and modest person. I would even consider him as a part of Seven, eventhough he doesn't play with us“, says Honza.


Hot News – Orphaned Land: Post New Video From Hellfest Online!

2011. jún 28, 20:03 :

ORPHANED LAND have become one of the most talked about bands in heavy metal this year. Between being featured on The World, releasing a new album and becoming a unifier of Arabs and Jews in the middle east, ORPHANED LAND have proven that music can cross all boundaries and bring people together. Now, you have the chance to see fans from all walks of life coming together at Hellfest to watch ORPHANED LAND. The link below shows the band playing their final song of the night and the fans going wild as ORPHANED LAND deliver one of their most moving performances ever:

Vocalist Kobi Farhi comments, "At Hellfest, Orphaned Land proved once again that music is above politics, above religion even. Music is our religion and once again we succeeded to create harmony and unification between so called enemies. Check out this video to understand the power of music and hopefully we will visit your hometown sometime in the near future! We salute you all, warriors of light!"


Hot News – Aborted: Recording New Album; Studio Footage Online; Live In Europe In July/August!

2011. jún 28, 19:58 :

Death Metal butchers ABORTED are back and have begun work on a brand new album that will be revealed later this year via Century Media Records. Now joined by Ken Bedene (Abigail Williams) on drums, ABORTED is stronger than ever and is excited to unveil the new effort, which has been titled “Global Flatline”. Vocalist Sven De Caluwe checked in with this update:
“We got to Ribe at Hansen studios this last monday and Ken Bedene nailed down 15 tracks in no more than 4 days in the most meticulous precision. Everything is sounding massive so far and we can't wait to unveil more of “Global Flatline” as the process continues. Guitars and bass are up next, and I can guarantee you, this is going to be the most intense and crushing record the band has released. Stay tuned for more Carnage!!!!“

Fans can check out studio footage of Bedene tracking his parts on the record at the link below.


Hot News – Arckanum: Names New Album

2011. jún 28, 19:54 :

As announced recently, ARCKANUM is the latest addition to the Underground Activists roster. The Swedish Black Metal act's forthcoming album is entitled "Helvítismyrkr" and will be released on September 16th in Europe (September 27th in North America).


Hot News – Old Silver Key Update

2011. jún 28, 19:50 :

OLD SILVER KEY is the new band born from the hyperactive mind of DRUDKH mainman Roman Sayenko and consisting of four DRUDKH members plus French artist Neige (ALCEST, AMESOEURS) on vocals. OSK's debut album is entitled "Tales of Wanderings" and has been scheduled for a September 16th release (September 27th in North America) on Season of Mist's Underground Activists division.

On other news, the recording sessions of DRUDKH's ninth full-length will start in July and the album should be ready by the end of the summer.  


Hot News – Nightbringer: Album Detailed

2011. jún 28, 19:47 :

NIGHTBRINGER's new album "Hierophany of the Open Grave" will hit the stores on August 19th in Europe (September 13th in North America) and is the next release on Season of Mist Underground Activists. Here are the cover artwork and the tracklisting of the US Black Metallers' third opus:

  1. Rite of the Slaying Tongue
  2. Eater of the Black Lead
  3. Psychagogoi
  4. Lucifer Trismegistus
  5. The Gnosis of Inhumation
  6. The Angel of Smokeless Fire
  7. Dreaming Above the Sepulcher
  8. Via Tortuosa
  9. Old Night
"Hierophany of the Open Grave" is available for pre-order on Season of Mist's e-shop.


Hot News – Strawberry Fields to release live DVD in early September!

2011. jún 28, 19:42 :

Wojtek Szadkowski, one of the most brilliant artists on the progressive rock scene and the leader of the renown prog-rock band Satellite, returns this Autumn with a DVD release of his outstanding and surprising project Strawberry Fields!

On the 20th of April 2011, at Wyspiański Theatre in Katowice, Poland, Strawberry Fields presented to their audience the band’s very own, unique, subtly simple, magic and, at times, trip-hop-like brand of prog music, crowned with Robin’s – the band’s lead singer’s – mesmerizing, sensual voice. Szadkowski and Robin were accompanied on stage by the former’s fellow musicians from the band Satellite – Sarhan Kubeisi (guitars), Jarek Michalski (bass) and Krzysztof Palczewski (keys) – and together they presented their fans with a genuine musical feast by performing songs from Strawberry Fields’ debut album “River’s Gone Dry” as well as one previously unreleased song.

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