Hot News – Tank: 'War Machine' tour to start in early August

2011. Júl 5, 18:28 :

Tank, the legendary British Heavy Metal Band, kicks off their European ‘War Machine’ tour in early August. They start with a couple of shows in England, then they move to Poland to be a part of Metal Hammer Festival (along with Judas Priest, Morbid Angel, Exodus, Vader to name a few) and later they visit countries like Norway, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Holland and Belgium.

The band is very excited about the forthcoming tour: “The band members are delighted with the response to the tour dates so far and are looking forward to meeting as many fans as possible in all ten different countries that we are playing in. Everyone involved is looking forward to unleashing this live set which will include many classic Tank anthems as well as several tracks from our acclaimed 'War Machine' album (2010, Metal Mind Productions). Tank drummer Mark Cross (Firewind, Helloween), who joined the ranks in April, is a very welcome addition to the band and has provided an extra dimension. Wait until you hear this!”

Tank is going to document the tour on their official site in real time so the fans can follow them around Europe as 'War Machine' makes its way through the continent.


Hot News – Self Defense Family debut split video w/ Aficionado, new 7"EP out soon

2011. Júl 5, 10:56 :

Check out the video for "I'm Going Through Some Shit" from Self Defense Family's upcoming 7"EP on Deathwish. This video is a split their friends, Aficionado. Self Defense Family start around the 3:10 minute mark.

Aficionado:EOAYSDF from brighterlightsmedia on Vimeo.

From Patrick Kindlon:
"Self Defense Family and Aficionado go way back, often sharing members. Perfect partners for this one-of-a-kind Russian public access television feature, the bands enjoyed the finest borsch and human trafficked sex slaves before filing into the Soviet-era soundstage and performing hits from their respective new albums. "It was like the movie Scarface, but with pale people," said Nick Warchol of Aficionado. "The location had a very Children of Men feel to it," reports Self Defense Family's Alan Huck. “It was the most scared I’ve ever been in my whole life,” added SDF guitarist Andrew Duggan. As pioneers of superfluous media formats, the bands will be releasing a Split LaserDisc featuring full sets from both bands and a behind the scenes featurette where the Americans join a Russian billionaire as he hunts the homeless on a 2,000 acre nature preserve..."


Hot News – Earth Crisis: New Album “Neutralize The Threat” Hits European Stores! Another New Song Online!

2011. Júl 5, 10:51 :

Controversial Straight Edge hardcore legend EARTH CRISIS have returned with an unrelenting new album entitled “Neutralize The Threat”, which is now available in stores all across Europe as Ltd. Edition Digipak incl. 2 bonus tracks, standard jewel case CD and digital download.

Produced by Zeuss (Hatebreed, Terror, Agnostic Front) this crushing new opus definitely takes no prisoners and if you haven’t checked it out yet, listen to the track “Total War” at the following link:

EARTH CRISIS just played With Full Force festival in Germany and will be playing a couple of shows around the release date in Europe. More tour dates will be announced soon!


Hot News – Wolf: Announce Line-Up Change!

2011. Júl 5, 10:47 :

After 9 years and 3 albums WOLF and guitarist Johannes Axeman Losbäck part ways.

Axeman: “It's with a heavy (Metal) heart that I announce that I’m stepping down from my duty's in the second best band in the world; WOLF. It was a very tough and difficult decision to make since I love WOLF & Heavy Metal but I simply can't give WOLF 666% at this point. It's not fair to the fans, the boys or me to not give it all and I need to step down. The downward spiral of the musicbizzniss which makes bands and musicians work harder & harder and trying to survive has taken its toll on me. I'd like to thank all, and I mean ALL fans for the ride of the past 9 years. I am a fan of yours so I love you all to death! Also thanx to WOLF members past & present for sharing the life and giving me the opportunity to express myself thru music. I am deeply proud and honored to have made music with you! I started my relationship with WOLF as a fan and now I get to end it as a fan. Thank you all, 666 times over & over. You WILL hear from me again! Oh...and Celtic Frost rules!“


Hot News – Infinity Overture produce video for Lion Music's Japan Benefit

2011. Júl 5, 10:19 :

Infinity Overture have just unveiled a web video for their contribution "Do You Care?" for the "Embrace The Sun - The Lion Music Japan Benefit Project" album which saw release on 17th June 2011.

View the video at


Hot News – Consortium Project unleash 'Enemy Within' promotional video

2011. Júl 5, 10:11 :

"Enemy Within" the new video from Ian Parry's new Consortium Project V "Species" album is now available for viewing at


Hot News – Unearth new album Darkness In The Light out now! Worldwide press acclaim!

2011. Júl 5, 10:06 :

Finally the new UNEARTH album Darkness In The Light is available worldwide!

The 11-track long player was recorded at Zing Studios in Westfield, Massachusetts with producer (and Killswitch Engage guitarist) Adam Dutkiewicz and mixed at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida by Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Trivium, et al). Sitting in on drums during the recording was Justin Foley (Killswitch Engage/Blood Has Been Shed).

Comments vocalist Trevor Phipps of the record: “This album is without a doubt some of the heaviest, most dynamic and memorable tunes we've ever written. The disc is littered with the shred 'n' stomp-filled songs our fans would expect from us, as well as some added vocal hooks, guitar melodies, guitar solos and some different paths taken in style and structure. We knew we had to continue to separate ourselves from the pack and to cement our place in the heavy metal world as one of the leaders and not as one of the many followers that seem to hop on the trend wagon and give up so easily when the going gets hard. We are here to stay and collectively we couldn't be any more fired up to play these songs around the world for our fans new and old. So check it out, spread the word of underground metal and leave some feedback. See you on the road!”