Hot News – Dew-Scented announce more festival appearances for this summer! Busy writing new album!

2011. jún 21, 13:35 :

German Thrashers DEW-SCENTED have a bunch of good news to spread including more festival appearances.

”Hey Thrashers! The summer season and all its festival madness is getting started over here now, so we thought it would be good timing to check in with some short news. Things are still rather quiet on the DEW-SCENTED front and that has to do with us working on new song material in the background. The first ideas for the next album are being written as I type this, so hopefully it will be a good flow and entertaining creative process in the coming months!

Nevertheless, we have recently confirmed two more summer festival shows, making it a total of 4 live shows coming up for 2011. Make sure to catch/meet us at

Ragnarock Open Air / Germany on Friday, July 15th
Dong Open Air / Germany on Saturday, July 16th
Party.San Open Air / Germany on Thursday, August 11th
Brutal Assault Festival / Czech Republic on either Friday, August 12th or Saturday, August 13th.


Hot News – Arch/Matheos band sets 'Sympathetic Resonance' as the title of upcoming debut full-length album!

2011. jún 21, 13:31 :

Fates Warning guitarist JIM MATHEOS and original vocalist JOHN ARCH team up for new band!

As previously announced, Jim Matheos (current member of the progressive rock powerhouse Fates Warning and OSI) and John Arch (former vocalist of Fates Warning) have teamed up to form the new progressive rock band, ARCH/MATHEOS. The band -accompanied by Joey Vera on bass, Bobby Jarzombek on drums, and Frank Aresti on additional lead guitar- began tracking the drums on January 12 and continued to record through mid February with Jim Matheos producing. ARCH/MATHEOS is pleased to announce Sympathetic Resonance as the title of the debut album, which will be released September 9/12, 2011 in Europe!

Jim Matheos offered his insight on the writing and recording process of Sympathetic Resonance: “I think John and I work really well together. There's a lot of mutual respect and trust in what we do. But, we're also both very critical of ourselves, and each other. This can make for a long and, sometimes, tedious process. But ultimately it's one I enjoy because I think it brings out the best in both of us.”


Hot News – Sourvein: New Track Stream Available Via Gun Shy Assassin

2011. jún 21, 13:25 :

Gun Shy Assassin is currently streaming "Fangs," the first track off SOURVEIN's Black Fangs full-length. Scheduled for North American release TOMORROW, June 21 via Candlelight Records, the latest long player from the North Carolina kings of sludge features ten bottom-heavy, feedback-soaked, doom-tinged odes of heavy. Said Decibel Magazine: "These riffs are so filthy and dirty, it's like being held facedown in mud."

Check out "Fangs" as well as some words about the track from SOURVEIN ringleader, T-Roy HERE.

In related news, SOURVEIN, will kick off a near three-week U.S. tour this July. The chaos will commence in Philadelphia with Jucifer on July 6 and level 16 more cities before finishing up at Ground Zero in Spartanburg on July 23. No one is safe.


Hot News – Alkemist presents Karnæ

2011. jún 21, 10:38 :

Karnæ born in 2008. It all began in the early months of that year, when Kaio (guitar) and Simone(vocals) were playing a gig together with their ex-band: Santantonio and Embrace.

After some hours spent talking about music, they decided to exchange contacts for possible future musical projects.

A few months later, Santantonio split. Kaio decides to record a demo in studio and share it with some musicians to set up a new band. It's time to contact Simone, who heard the material and decided to co-found the new band.

The first two members joining the band were Andrea (drums) and Giovanni (bass). In November, with its first 4 members Karnæ was born.

The band began working hard on arranging the songs, but in April 2009 Giovanni leaves the band, immediately replaced by Fra. In October, Marco (guitar) joined the band. With the renewed 5-men formation, the band started working hard on finishing the songs to be recorded on the first ep.


Hot News – Bastardized Recordings news: Darkest Hour – “The Human Romance” Vinyl

2011. jún 21, 10:32 :

We are happy to let you know that we have released the new DARKEST HOUR Album “The Human Romance“ on Vinyl.

Out of the pit and onto the turntable: DARKEST HOUR rose from the ashes of the '90s convergence of metal and hardcore and while most of the bands are dinosaurs or are dead and gone, DARKEST HOUR haven't yet touched the core of their potential, despite their impressive resume. They've done a lot but still have more to do to fulfill their addiction to the music and their commitment to their fans and themselves. “The Human Romance” is the Washington, DC-based DARKEST HOUR seventh album and presents the band at their best: fangs bared and ready to pounce through the vehicle that blends thrashy melodic metal with something unworldly.


VI.Veréb fesztivál

2011. jún 21, 9:55 :

Az idei nyár sem telhet el Veréb fesztivál nélkül! Július 29-én és 30-án a csornai kempingben várják a fesztiválozni vágyókat, immáron a hatodik alkalommal. A szervezők ezúttal a környékbeli fiatalokat is bevonták a program összeállításába, hiszen szavazataik alapján került fellépők közé a 30Y, az Alvin és a mókusok és a Supernem. Továbbá hallhatóak lesznek: Prosectura, Rózsaszín Pittbull,  Insane, The Grenma, Bohemian Betyars, Kocsmazaj, Hisztéria, Végállomás és még sokan mások…

Egy fesztivál azonban nem csak a koncertekről szól, ezért egyéb hangulatfokozó programokon is részt vehettek. Például a Stand-up Comedyn Felméri Péterrel vagy a koncertek utáni levezető partikon. Ezek mellett sok-sok játékos versenyt is rendeznek, melyek résztvevőit - a várható hőséget figyelembe véve - megfelelő hőmérsékletű itallal jutalmazzák.


Bloody Roots koncert Kelet-Felvidéken

2011. jún 20, 14:01 :

2011. június 24-én, pénteken Kelet-Felvidékre, a Rozsnyótól 20km-re fekvő Görgőre (Hrhov) látogat a Moby Dick frontemberének új zenekara, a mostanság egyre nagyobb népszerűségnek örvendő Bloody Roots! Amennyiben az időjárás nem szól közbe, a koncert helyszíne a görgői labdarúgópálya, rossz idő esetén pedig a Művelődési Házba várják a rajongókat! A koncertműsorban a 2010. legjobb metalalbuma címet is elnyerő Isten kezében album dalai mellett valószínűleg mindenki legnagyobb örömére, jópár Moby Dick dal is el fog hangzani. A Bloody Roots mellett fellép a hamarosan új lemezzel jelentkező death/thrash zenét játszó Slytract, és az első albumát nemrég megjelentetett Cojones zenekar, továbbá három felvidéki csapat, a Slice Of Bread, Disaster és a Tribe. Kezdés 19:00-kor! Belépő: 5 Euro.

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