Hot News – Joonas Koto officially joins Omnium Gatherum

2011. jún 20, 10:45 :

Joonas "Jope" Koto officially joins OMNIUM GATHERUM as a new guitarist and backing clean vocalist, so OMNIUM GATHERUM is a twin guitar squad again and what's even better is that now we have Jackson guitar tour de force on both sides of the stage! He have been playing already a big bunch of gigs with OMNIUM GATHERUM as session live member as the previous guitarist Harri Pikka left the band over a year ago, and Jope was even filling upHarri in some gigs even before we separated ways.

Jope have been Markus' partner in crime in a progressive metal band Malpractice for many years by now, so he was the first, the most natural and the only candidate for the job for us and gladly we got him on board! He have been playing and recording previously in To/Die/For and Hateframe too, so he is a hard core professional dude.


Blind Myself – Gergő a VOLTfólión, nyári fesztiváldátumok

2011. jún 20, 10:42 :


Énekesünket, Gergőt jelölték a nagyon rangosnak számító VOLTfólió médiadíjra (TV-s műsorvezető kategóriában), ahol az első ötbe kerülés is nagy dolog. A közönségszavazás 2 nap múlva ér véget. Gergőnek erős mezőnyben kell megküzdenie, segítsétek őt! Simán is lehet szavazni, de ha megadod a kért adatokat még VOLT VIP bérletet is nyerhetsz! - Köszönjük!!

A BLIND MYSELF nyári fesztiválkoncertjei:
06/23 Orfű | Fishing on Orfű | Nagysátor
06/29 Sopron | VOLT Fesztivál | III. színpad
07/16 Tokaj | Hegyalja Fesztivál | Pepsi színpad
08/05 Miskolc | Factory Fesztivál | Nagyszínpad
08/27 Szeged | SZIN Fesztivál | Pepsi színpad
09/10 Hódmezővásárhely | Hódstock Fesztivál


Hot News – Fimbul-Festival: 17th September 2011 Stadthalle Fürth

2011. jún 20, 9:04 :

Already for the third time Fimbul-Festival will take place on 17th of September 2011. As in the preceding years, the City Hall of Fürth is the scence of metallic action. All fans of Viking and Folk Metal have the rare chance to see one of the best billings ever to enter a stage.

Real headliners for this year are the Swedes of Månegarm who will play a 75 minutes show. They will be flanked by SuidAkrA who will stuff down an extra-long show in the neck of the well-disposed fan. In the process, the Celts from North Rhine-Westphalia will present their new album Book of Dowth which, if you believe the rumors, will cause quite a stir. In such an illustrious company the men of Menhir may not be missing. As founders of Pagan Metal in Germany they definitely attained cult status. With their opus Hildebrandslied they set a milestone (or rather a menhir) in German metal history. The Norwegians of Voluspaa (who released a limited LP via Einheit-Produktionen) will also introduce their new material on Fimbul-Festival. This exceptional band is a must-see for all Folk Metal fans! Andras from beautiful Ore Mountains in Germany will use the opportunity as well to present their new album. From Thuringia, Fimbulvet joins the line-up with new material.


Hot News – Harm's Way: Track Premiere Live Via Decibel Magazine Now

2011. jún 18, 6:16 :

Decibel Magazine is now hosting the public's first listen to the upcoming HARM'S WAY full-length, Isolation, set for release via Closed Casket Activities on July 5. The Deciblog is streaming "New Beginnings" from the forthcoming album, so kick off your weekend with some all-out mosh action by checking out the brutal track HERE!

HARM'S WAY will be touring throughout the remainder of 2011 in support of Isolation, with shows already confirmed for the coming weeks alongside the likes of Xibalba, Foundation and Rotting Out, kicking it all off with a hometown performance at Chicago's Rumble Fest with DYS, Ceremony, Most Precious Blood, By The Grace Of God and more.


Hot News – Gama Bomb: Channel Phil Lynott For New Album, Announce Live Stand-In For Injured Guitarist

2011. jún 17, 21:28 :

Irish thrashers GAMA BOMB are currently writing new material for their as-yet untitled new album.

The follow-up to 2009's TALES FROM THE GRAVE IN SPACE will be GAMA BOMB's fourth album and is tentatively due to be released early next year.

GAMA BOMB frontman PHILLY BYRNE comments:

"We're about to enter a studio in central Dublin to work on demos for our new album, which we're hoping to release in early 2012.  In terms of songwriting, we're writing much 'tougher' or meaner songs now.  We want to make music that street gangs could listen to before a fight, songs you can sharpen a switchblade to.  I've been looking a lot to Phil Lynott for inspiration, which can never be a bad thing.  He's always been a big inspiration for us, even if you can't always hear it.

"Mind you, we're also about everything from our history of underage drinking and theoretical physics to drag racing and (of course) cannibalism, so there's no knowing where this one is going to take us.  We're hopefully going to record here in Ireland and we'll pull no punches on either the speed of the riffs or the attitude of the songwriting.  That's the only plan right now."


Hot News – One Man Army And The Undead Quartet news

2011. jún 17, 16:17 :


ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET's Johan released a new facebook note about how the rehearsals are going - and about a guy named Pierre Lysell:

"We really are close to perfection now :-)
It just feels great to get back in our death metal shape again after being away for some while now.
Anyway, (...) there has been some major changes in the band. I will not go into any details right now but yes, Mattias is no longer in the band. He was very dedicated to music  but his vision kind of crashed with how we wanted to proceed with The Army. There is no need in going into more details.

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