Hot News – Malefice to premiere video for 'Awaken The Tides' on!

2011. Júl 5, 10:01 :

English metal stalwarts MALEFICE are proud to announce that will be exclusively premiering the video for the title track from Awaken The Tides. The video will be posted on Wednesday, July 6th at noon eastern time and will be seen HERE.

The music video was shot entirely at the Hack Green Nuclear Bunker in Cheshire, UK, which played a pivotal role in the defense of Britain for over 60 years. The video was directed by Stuart Birchall, produced by You Know Ltd, with post production by Alex Dunn and cinematography by Rob Wilton.


Hot News – The Black Dahlia Murder new studio album 'Ritual' hits the charts worldwide!

2011. Júl 5, 10:00 :

Ritual, the latest studio album from the Detroit deathsters, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER has landed at the #29 spot on the Billboard Top 200, #6 on the Billboard Top Independent Album, #4 on the Billboard Top Hard Music Albums and #9 on the Billboard Rock Albums Chart. The record entered the UK's Rock & Metal Chart at #20 and #38 in the Indie Chart making Ritual the band's strongest first week release in the UK. In Germany, Ritual entered the German Media Control "Newcomer" charts at #15 and is in the official Media Markt charts at #93. In addition, Ritual came in at #32 on Canada's Top 200 Chart, #5 on the Independent Charts and #4 on the Hard Charts.

Vocalist Trevor Strnad comments: “We are beyond stoked at the first week sales of Ritual! We are completely and utterly blown away. We can't thank the fans enough for their incredible devotion to what we do, it means the world to us. We'll be out rocking some new tunes in your town very soon, come check it out!”


Hot News – Battlecross get photo with legendry WWII B-17 Flying Fortress during video shoot for 'Push Pull Destroy'!

2011. Júl 5, 9:55 :

Recently, Detroit, MI's BATTLECROSS were shooting a video for Push Pull Destroy -the first single off of their debut album Pursuit of Honor- shot by Roy Warner Creative & Videography on location at the Yankee Air Museum, located on the grounds of the historic Willow Run Airport. It was at Willow Run where Henry Ford mobilized his manufacturing base to contribute to the war efforts by mass producing the B-24 Liberators that provided American Air Power to win WWII for the Allies.

In this photo, BATTLECROSS is shot in front of the Yankee Lady, the famous and rare WWII Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, a heavy bomber that was the most powerful American aircraft in the war. Capable of defending itself with 13 machine guns on board, the B-17 often returned home from missions with honor despite extensive battle. This message of the power of perseverance of epic proportions is one of the values that BATTLECROSS strives to portray in the video, telling a story that brutality, combined with honor and duty is what overcomes all threats—threats to our country and to ourselves.


Hot News – As I Lay Dying receives San Diego Music Awards nomination!

2011. Júl 5, 9:54 :

'Best Hard Rock' nomination along with label mates Cattle Decapitation

AS I LAY DYING and CATTLE DECAPITATION have once again been recognized by their hometown of San Diego. Both bands have been nominated in the "best hard rock" category for the 2011 San Diego Music Awards. The awards show will take place on August 8th at Humphreys By The Bay in San Diego, CA. Tickets to the show are available through the San Diego Music Foundation.

AS I LAY DYING has been honored at the awards in the past, having taken home the "artist of the year" award on three separate occasions in 2005, 2007 and 2008.

CATTLE DECAPITATION has also been previously recognized by the awards with the "best hard rock album" in 2004 and 2005 for To Serve Man and Humanure, respectively, as well as "best hard rock" honors in 2006 and 2007.


Hot News – Anterior: 'Echoes Of The Fallen' album art and track listing revealed!

2011. Júl 4, 21:00 :

New album to be released August, 26/29!
ANTERIOR are currently readying to unveil Echoes Of The Fallen, the long awaited second full-length from one of the most exciting modern metal acts to come out of the U.K.!

Set for release in G/A/S on August 26, in Europe on August 29 and North America on September 13 via Metal Blade Records, the 10-track long player was recorded at Grindstone Studios through 2011 with Scott Atkins producing.

Frontman Leon Kemp comments: “That's right! The new album is finally here and we cannot wait for you guys to hear it! We've been hard at it for the past few months with producer Scott Atkins at Grindstone Studios and I must say the tracks are sounding massive. I feel we've really found our sound on this album.

It's been quite a while since our last release and we've matured a lot as a band, especially with the addition of some new members. We've managed to retain all the great aspects of our first album "This Age Of Silence" and improve on them. The songs are more concise than before and we've really worked on making each song as strong as it can possibly be.


Egy hónap múlva Fekete Zaj – Ulver, Woven Hand koncertek és létszámstop

2011. Júl 4, 20:09 :

Már csak egy hónap van hátra az idei Fekete Zaj Fesztiválig - a korábbi években is izgalmas line-up 2011-ben olyan nevekkel erősödött, mint az Ulver vagy a Woven Hand és a fesztivál számos újdonságot kínál.

Az örökké változó zenéjű Ulver a '90-es években black metal zenekarnak indult (a zenekar alapítója Garm), de a utóbbi lemezeiken már ambient vagy trip-hop hatások is megjelentek. A Wars of Roses című új lemezen beszállt a dalszerzési, hangszerelési folyamatba Daniel O'Sullivan is. A norvég zenekar csak az utóbbi években kezdett el koncertezni, így fellépéseik különleges eseménynek, audio-vizuális performance-nak számítanak, a Fekete Zaj pénteki napján is ilyesmire számítsatok.

A fesztivál szombati headlinere az amerikai Woven Hand, ők már több emlékezetes koncertet adtak a Budapesten (Sziget - Világzenei Nagyszínpad, Millenáris, Kultiplex, A38), néha a Muzsikás Együttes társaságában, a közös produkciót pedig külföldi fesztiválokra is elvitték.

A két legnagyobb név mellett olyan zenekarok jönnek még, mint az experimental/folk és a black metal között mozgó román  Negura Bunget, a szintén román Arc Gotic, az angol Leafblade, vagy a néhány héttel ezelőtt a Marillion társaságában koncertező ír Lisa Cuthbert. A hazai fellépők közül visszatér a fesztiválra a "feketezajongók" körében nagyon népszerű Pozvakowski, Képzelt Város, Shapat Terror és idén is lesz Turbo koncert. A Land of Charon sajnos szünetet tart, viszont a zenekarvezető Janeth új csapattal tér vissza A.D. Mortem néven.


Hot News – Weeping Roses releasing their 2nd Single 'The Promised Bloodshed'

2011. Júl 2, 11:57 :

Weeping Roses ( a 5 piece metalcore band which hails from Guwahati will release their second single “The Promised Bloodshed” which will be available for free downloads on their reverbnation page on 3rd July,2011 at 20:00 hrs IST ( They released their debut single “Labyrinth of Lies” in February 2011 which got a good response.