Hot News – Touché Amoré: Confirmed For Fyf On September 3RD In Los Angeles

2011. jún 16, 20:47 :

Touché Amoré is beyond excited to announced that they are confirmed to play FYF in Los Angeles on September 3rd alongside the Descendents, Death >From Above 1979,  Guided By Voices, Kid Dynamite, and so many more.  Vocalist Jeremy Bolm commented, "We're excited to announce we will be performing at this years FYF Fest. Being that we're from Los Angeles, many of us have attended the festival the past couple of years and we're looking forward to being a part of it. The opportunity to play alongside some of our favorite bands that we'd normally never get the chance to is the best part. We can soon say we got to share the stage with The Weakerthans, Explosions in the Sky, Broken Social Scene, and especially Descendents. This is a very eclectic and open-minded festival and we'd highly recommend making the trip!"

Touché Amoré is on tour non-stop in support of their new album Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me which was released June 7th on Deathwish Inc. to incredible amounts of critical acclaim.  Here's what the press has been saying recently:

"depressingly short, and devastatingly powerful, I loved every minute of it" - The Gorgon


Twister – egy dal ízelítőnek az új lemezről!

2011. jún 16, 20:25 :

Mint ahogy arról korábban már hírt adtunk, a Twister zenekarnak hamarosan megjelenik az első lemeze. Hogy a lehető legtöbb rockerhez eljusson Az Ördög lánya, a lemez a Hammerworld Magazin július-augusztusi számának mellékleteként kerül majd a piacra.
De a fiúk úgy döntöttek, hogy ízelítőnek már most megmutatnak két új dalt. Az egyik nóta, az "Így imádlak" című, már első hallásra is a slágergyanús nóták kategóriájába tartozik. Reményeink szerint a Twister rajongók és a magazin olvasói is így gondolják majd és minél többen jönnek el a zenekar lemezbemutató koncertjére 2011. október 7-én a Crazy Mama Music Pubba.


Hot News – Wormrot: Posts Malaysian Tour Video

2011. jún 16, 19:53 :

Singapore grindcore trio WORMROT have completed a mini-tour of Malaysia, following a mammoth six-week trek in the United States.

The band performed four shows closer to home than they have been for a while, with another show in Malaysia's notorious Kepura Cave and a performance at Singapore Deathfest lined up for the coming weeks.  The band will be returning to the UK and Europe in September.

WORMROT have posted a new tour video showing the sheer intensity of the Malaysian crowds during the band's recent live performances.  Watch the video now at

See WORMROT live on tour at the following shows:

Jul. 02 - Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia - Kepura Cave
Jul. 09 - Singapore - Singapore Deathfest (venue TBA)


Hot News – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow update

2011. jún 16, 18:02 :

Studio update from ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW

ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW's Jarmo Puolakanaho has recently released the following blog entry:

"As we already told on our Facebook page, we have finished our first recording session at Tico-Tico Studios.
We are recording this album in two main sessions + some extra sessions throughout this year. This way has proven to be the best for us and our timetables and we've been using the same "take it slowly, make it good" method ever since our comeback in 2005.

What we did during the past weeks was recording the basic tracks for six songs. Now, it's time for a short summer holiday after which we're going to do the vocals and the keyboard tracks, and, of course, to write more new songs for the second main recording session, which is going to take place at the end of this year.


Hot News – New Hackneyed track up now!

2011. jún 16, 17:04 :

You can now check out the brand new HACKNEYED track “Maculate Conception” at this location (Facebook “like” required). “Maculate Conception” is taken from the band’s third album and Lifeforce Records debut “Carnival Cadavre” to be released August 22nd in Europe and August 30th in North America!


Hot News – Metalcamp 2011: 3-day-passes Sold Out, huge ticket run for Metalcamp 2011!

2011. jún 16, 16:42 :

3-day-passes for METALCAMP 2011 are completely sold-out in pre-sale and only available at the festival´s box office then.

Last year´s METALCAMP already showed in which direction it might develop and 2011 only proves it… METALCAMP is evolving into THE go-to-festival in Europe with doubtlessly the most beautiful festival area there is. Plus the amazing landscape, the Metalcamp beach, the beach bar and friendly vibes from metal fans from all over the world and of course some real killer bands such as SLAYER, AIRBOURNE, MASTODON, ACCEPT, KREATOR, ARCH ENEMY, WINTERSUN, AMORPHIS and many many more…

All of this makes METALCAMP a VERY unique and special experience and a true fan event!

Join and feel the METALCAMP vibes for yourself! Those going there first time fall in love in a second, that´s for sure. Also headliners ARCH ENEMY are very fond of the festival, read below what Michael Amott thinks of METALCAMP:

"To me, this is one of the coolest and most interesting festivals that has happened in the last years. Always great bands and a good vibes! My favorite "Metal Camp" memory from is from 2008 when I performed there with both Arch Enemy and Carcass. 5 days of Metal Camp madness!"


Hot News – Vendetta signed to Massacre Records

2011. jún 16, 12:40 :

The Bavarian thrash metal band VENDETTA was born in the 80's. After two demos, "System Of Death" (1985) and "Suicidal Lunacy" (1987), VENDETTA released their debut album "Go And Live... Stay And Die" in 1987. The songs on the album were about social problems like drugs, corruption and violence as well as immigration, war and politics.

Within the next year, the band was on the road again. They've also released their second album, "Brain Damage", which was produced by Harris Johns. The songs became more complex and melodic.

VENDETTA also played a lot of gigs and supported bands like Paradox, Tankard, Exumer and Helstar.

In 1990 VENDETTA disbanded, but reunited 8 years later.
In 2003 they recorded their 4-track demo "Dead People Are Cool".
VENDETTA have now signed a record deal with Massacre Records.

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