Hot News – Hate Eternal: Kicks off North American tour with Origin today in Austin, TX!

2011. jún 16, 12:06 :

Erik Rutan and co. will be joining fellow death metal legends Origin for a North American tour throughout June and July. The tour kicks off TODAY in Austin, TX at Emo's and wraps up on July 14th in Orlando, FL at Firestone Live. This tour will be the first in Hate Eternal's North Americna campaign in support of their latest album, Phoenix Amongst the Ashes. The tour is being presented by Decibel Magazine and Metal Injection in association with Sick DrummerScionLaboga, and Choosing Death.

Erik Rutan comments, "The response to our new album "Phoenix Amongst The Ashes" continues to be incredible, and we hope to see all you guys out on this U.S./Canadian tour. The show each night is gonna be awesome! Thanks so much for all your support. It is what keeps us strong!"

Phoenix Amongst the Ashes was released on May 10th and was hailed as "a relentless, intriciate, and near-anthemic crowd-pleaser" by Revolver Magazine. Title sponsor of the tour, Decibel Magazine, proclaimed "Rutan's ornate melodies engage in a constant give-and-take with moments of absolutely vicious discordance, while drummer Jade Simonetto is so in control of such complex cadences and fills that you're compelled to sit back and marvel." Jade Simonetto's performance was further complimented by the highly respected DRUM! Magazine: "Phoenix showcases a far more dynamic band. Guitar passages range from weedly to art-y to textured…juxtaposing break-neck verses with near-mid-tempo groove sections…Simonetto takes the gold for endurance." Needless to say, Phoenix is in the running for one of the best overall death metal releases of 2011 and could very well be considered the best of the band's long and storied career.


Hot News – The Prophecy 23: Songwriting for Wacken Open Air and the upcoming album

2011. jún 16, 12:01 :

After the great success of the THE PROPHECY 23's debut album „TO THE PIT", our four trash metal maniacs meet up with canned beer, frozen pizza and tons of new ideas at their rehearsal room to get ready for the upcoming recording sessions of their new CD.

Hannes (guitar, vocals): "In the last few months we played a lot of concerts and partied intensively. This gave us a lot of inspiration. One I can tell you for sure: our next album will be dammed beersoaked and crazy!"

At the WACKEN OPEN AIR 2011 THE PROPHECY 23 will present the hits of its latest album as well as hot new stuff. A amazing mosh party will be guaranteed. Come and join us!


Hot News – Vader: Cover Artwork Of "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" Revealed!

2011. jún 16, 11:52 :

Polish Death Metal legends VADER just revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich"!

The cover artwork was handled this time around by Zbigniew Bielak (DESTROYER 666, WATAIN).

The new album will be released on August, 12, 2011 via Nuclear Blast.


Hot News – Primal Fear: New Album For An Early 2012

2011. jún 16, 11:49 :

German power metallers PRIMAL FEAR will enter the studio in early July to begin recording their as-yet-untitled new album for an early 2012 release via Frontiers Records. The band states, "The songwriting session was a blast and we've never recorded a better pre-production.PRIMAL FEARrecently asked fans to submit suggestions for the new CD title and has received more than 500 responses.

The band will take a break from the recording sessions for its new album to play at Germany's Wacken Open Air and Geiselwind festivals in early August. Also in the works are three shows in Poland in early September.

PRIMAL FEAR recently extended its deal with Frontiers Records for two more albums after releasing the last two CDs through the label — 2007's "New Religion" and 2009's "16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead!)". The band says, "Never change a winning team!"


Hot News – Tyketto: Worldwide Recording Deal

2011. jún 16, 11:46 :

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of a worldwide recording deal with TYKETTOfor the release of a brand new album in the spring of 2012 ! The forthcoming album will be the band's first release since the reunion and follows 1995 album "Shine".

The band states: "These are some of the best ideas we have worked on in years. There's plenty of the classic Don't Come Easy sound, mixed in with some new ideas and some great surprises". All four original members (Danny Vaughn on vocals, Brooke St. James on guitar, Jimi Kennedy on bass and Michael Clayton on drums) will be part of this very special come back album.

While recording the new album, Tyketto hits the road with some very special shows, where the band will exclusively debut songs from the new album.


Hot News – Setherial signs with Debemur Morti Productions

2011. jún 15, 22:16 :

Swedish Black Metal pioneers SETHERIAL certainly need no introduction. Lurking in the underground since 1993, the horde recently decided to join forces with French label Debemur Morti Productions. We're mutually honoured, as Mysteriis relates: "I think DMP is perfect for SETHERIAL. We really have found our best settlement for the horde and we're working with great enthusiasm on the next album." The band is currently busy writing its as-yet-untitled 7th album, which shall be released in 2012. If you haven't done so yet, get your hands on their latest release - the excellent 'Treason' 7" EP, released by Goathorned Productions. Last but not least, SETHERIAL will be headlining "Under The Black Sun Festival" Part 14 in Bernau/Helenenau (near Berlin), Germany, on July 2nd; don't miss them !


Hot News – Thrall to release new album on Moribund; reveal title, tracklisting; upcoming shows

2011. jún 15, 22:12 :

October / November 2011 - a year after their debut release on MORIBUND RECORDS, Away From the Haunts of Man, THRALL will unleash their virulent second album, Vermin to the Earth. MORIBUND will release Vermin worldwide, with the exceptions of Australia and New Zealand, where Obsidian Records will release it.

Vermin documents the metamorphosis of THRALL from a sanguinary studio project to a formidable live entity that now includes Leigh Ritson (ex Disseminate) on bass and Ramez Bathish (ex Whitehorse / ABC Weapons) on second guitar. THRALL built their live reputation on punishing volume and an atmosphere of menace.

Vermin delivers a unique blend of old-school black metal and hypnotic void-worship. Songs range from bile-soaked mid-paced anthems ("Vermin to the Earth / Oblivion") to desolate lurching dirges ("Plague of Man") to blasting suicidal elegies ("Vita Vacuus Voluntas"). The new album is more: cohesive, hefty, solemn and yet more spacious than THRALL’s debut, Away from the Haunts of Men. Vermin is a requiem to a cursed species. It advocates the expiration of the reign of homo sapiens and heralds the post-human era.

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