Hot News – James Byrd's Atlantis Rising 'Beyond The Pillars' released July 15th 2011

2011. jún 10, 19:32 :

Lion Music are proud to introduce some true musical treasure in the form of this special release from the early days of one of the worlds most accomplished guitarists, James Byrd. A name synonymous with some of the finest guitar work committed to tape, this unique release is an album any fan of the former Fifth Angel guitarist will have been longing to hear and serves as a reminder of just how good a songwriter and musician Byrd is.

Comprised of 14 never before heard performances and 7 new songs, “Beyond The Pillars” is -literally- a lost album. The material's origins date to when James Byrd began writing and recording with vocalist Freddy Krumins within days of departing Fifth Angel in the summer of 1987, with much of the music material Byrd had originally intended for the second Fifth Angel album.

Like Deep Purple's “Smoke on the Water” release, “Beyond The Pillars” was recorded on location. Brain Storm Productions mobile captured the band's magic at the infamous Music Bank sound stages in Seattle Washington from the fall of 1987 through the winter of 1988. Fans of Byrd’s solo debut “James Byrd’s Atlantis Rising” (Shrapnel Records) will recognise 7 of the track titles on offer here. However the versions here showcase a rawer, heavier and more immediate delivery to those that were later re-recorded on the now out of print “Atlantis Rising” release by Shrapnel Records. Further treasures are revealed in 7 never released songs rich in diversity and depth that make this a “must own” part of any Byrd, or indeed Fifth Angel’s fans music collection.


Hot News – Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder and Suicide Silence to tour Latin America in December

2011. jún 9, 22:24 :

The mighty Cannibal Corpse will once again be returning to Latin America! This time, they'll be bringing along label mates The Black Dahlia Murder as well as fellow underground heavyweights Suicide Silence to Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela in December. The tour will begin on December 3rd in Sao Paulo, Brazil and will wrap up on December 13th in Mexico City, Mexico.

South American fans are notoriously some of the most diehard metal heads in the world and the bands are excited for this tour to get started. Cannibal Corpse vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher comments on the tour: "In every interview, I am asked where the sickest and best death metal fans are and it is hands down South America. I've seen kids in the front row bleeding and losing their minds, they are all crazy in the best way possible. It's hands down my favorite place to play and I can't wait to come back!" The Black Dahlia Murder vocalist Trevor Strnad adds, "We are very excited to be a part of this monstrous South American tour. It is always a pleasure to play alongside the almighty Cannibal Corpse... but in South America?! The shows are going to be absolutely insane, without a doubt. To the South American fans: prepare for an unearthly ritual!" Guitarist Brian Eschbach comments further, "We are extremely excited for another chance to support the almighty Cannibal Corpse!!! It has always been great touring with them. We especially look forward to seeing them DESTROY South America and Mexico City. iViva la Smash!"


Hot News – Biohazard: Seinfeld Moves On!

2011. jún 9, 22:08 :

The members of seminal NYC Platinum hardcore/metal band Biohazard have announced that bassist/co-vocalist Evan Seinfeld has left the line-up.

"We have a long history together, but it's time for a change," said guitarist/co-founder Bobby Hambel. "We wish Evan well."

Scott Roberts, who played on the band's 2005 „Means to an End“ album and has been part of the BIOHAZARD extended family since, will step in for Seinfeld when BIOHAZARD plays the UK's Download Festival on June 12, and again on June 13 at the Metal Hammer "Golden Gods Awards" in London. Hambel, guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei and drummer Danny Schuler will begin scouting for a permanent replacement when they return to the U.S.!


Hot News – Finntroll And Turisas Team Up For Heidenfest 2011

2011. jún 9, 22:03 :

FINNTROLL and TURISAS, the finest of Finland’s epic metal bands have teamed up together with the likes of Alestorm, Arkona, Trollfest and Skalmöld for the upcoming Heidenfest 2011:

Read the words from FINNTROLL: “It’s been almost a year since we rotted the European clubs. After too much sun in the Caribbean Sea, Latin America, Texas and Australia, we are looking forward to some grim cold in the old world. And we can already announce that we will play some songs you haven’t heard live in a while and some songs you haven’t heard before at all. We are entering the studio in a couple of days for a yet secret project. Stay tuned and see you soon!”

Olli Vänskä (violin) from TURISAS says: "Howdy ho! This is the first time we are doing the Heidenfest tour and it feels great to get back on the road again in Europe. With this line-up, it's gonna be a fun night of explosive metal brotherhood, every single night. Open your bottles, satisfaction guaranteed!"


Hot News – Discharge albums to be reissued

2011. jún 9, 21:59 :


Will be released later this month via Candlelight Records

When Rat joined Discharge in 2003 the band was venturing out on tour to the USA, and wanted something to have out promote whilst touring, so the band went into the studio to Lay some tracks down. Tracks 1 - 9 were recorded at Madhouse studios in Crewe, tracks 10-13 were recorded at one of the gigs back at their home town of Stoke on Trent at the Sugar Mill. This re-issue also includes three bonus tracks that originally appeared on the Beginning of the End EP. Discharge is a British hardcore punk band formed in 1977 by Terry "Tezz" Roberts and Roy "Rainy" Wainwright. They are often considered among one of the very first bands to play hardcore punk, and to mix punk with metal. While the band had substantial line-up changes over its history, the core members over the early 1980s, when the band produced its key recordings, were Kelvin "Cal" Morris (vocals), Tony "Bones" Roberts (guitar), Roy Wainwright (bass), and Terry Roberts (drums).


Hegyaljások tervezik saját furmintjuk címkéjét

2011. jún 9, 21:54 :

Fesztiválozó dizájner címkéje kerül a Hegy’ welcome furmintjára. A fesztivál szervezői és a Tokaj Kereskedőház pályázatot indított a kreatív bor- és zenerajongóknak: a tét a fesztivál hivatalos borának vizuális megjelenése.

Ősi magyar szőlőfajtából készült borral koccintva indul az idei Hegyalja. Az elsőként regisztráló hegyaljásokat olyan itallal köszönti a fesztivál, amire egyikük keze munkája, a címketervező pályázaton győztes alkotás kerül majd.

A szervezők olyan pályamunkákat várnak, amikben ötvöződik a furmint, mint régi és a Hegyalja, mint új hungaricum esszenciája, merészen, határozott vonalakkal rajzolt, és kifejezi alkotója bor és zene iránti szeretetét. A zsűritagja H. Jancsó Kata festőművész, aki grafikusként a fesztivál arculatáért felel, Illés Tamás, a Tokaj Kereskekedőház marketing vezetője, és Dankó Bence, a Hegy’ kommunikációs csapatának tanácsadója. Ők hárman választják majd ki a győztes címketervet, addig pedig naponta tanácsokkal segítik a tervezők munkáját a Hegyalja Facebook-oldalán.


Hot News – Brutal Assault news!

2011. jún 9, 21:49 :

In short succession we are back with two newly confirmed bands for the BA 2011.

Canada based death metallers KATAKLYSM are coming back to the Old Army Fortress after 3 years! This time with their last album „Heaven’s Venom“.

Another confirmed are Faroese Viking metallers TÝR with new album „The Lay of Thrym“.