Extinction Protocol

Hot News: Extinction Protocol – Cataclysmic New Track Released Via Stereokiller

Underground music community Stereokiller is streaming a brand new track from Aeonic Obliteration, the debut full-length from Erie, Pennsylvania-based deathsquad EXTINCTION PROTOCOL. Radiating the cataclysmic energy of an imploding galaxy, EXTINCTION PROTOCOL merges modern groove/slam tactics with primal, classic death metal vitality, bridging the most schizophrenic old-school riffage with overpowering breakdowns. "Chained To Oblivion,”...

Hot News: Extinction Protocol – Debut From Vicious Death Metal Unit Set For Release Via P2

Blasting forth from the guts of Erie, Pennsylvania, a vicious new act is about to invade the death metal universe, with the debut full-length fromEXTINCTION PROTOCOL, confirmed for release via NYC-based D.I.Y. label P2. Formed in 2010, EXTINCTION PROTOCOL merges classic death metal structures with breakdowns and grooves of modern, guttural slam...

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