Hot News: Levania sign with Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group

Wormholedeath will release their incredible second album titled "Renascentis"world-wide through Aural Music Group/Wormholedeath Japan. The album is being produced at Realsound Studio (Italy) by Wahoomi Corvi right now. The band entered the studio a few weeks ago to start the production of the follow up release of their critically acclaimed debut album "Parasynthesis"...

Hot News – Dreamcell11/Aural Music news: The Stompcrash – Levania

The Stompcrash sign with DREAMCELL 11/AURAL MUSIC GROUP  Italian New Wave band The Stompcrash have signed a deal with  Dreamcell11/Aural Music Group for the release their debut album "Directions" The Stompcrash was born in Milan in 2002 as a darkwave project inspired by the gothic stories of writers like Lovecraft, Poe,...

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