Sol Invictus

Hot News – Sol Invictus: "The Killing Tide" / "The Blade" now available for pre-order

As befits the album's twentieth anniversary, Sol Invictus' "The Killing Tide" is going to be re-released in a re-worked and extended edition on October 7th, 2011. This new edition will be enhanced by seven bonus tracks: in addition to an old DAT recording of "The World Turns" and a version...

Hot News – Sol Invictus: "Lex Talionis" / "In A Garden Green" now available for pre-order

On the 5th of August, two further titles of the Sol Invictus back catalogue, "Lex Talionis" and "In A Garden Green", will be re-released with significant enhancements. "Lex Talionis" from 1993 features classic tracks like 'Kneel To The Cross', 'Fields' and 'Abattoirs Of Love' among others, and is thus essential...

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