Hot News: Speedwolf to embark upon European tour

From the depths of Denver666 hell comes HELLS HEADBANGERS recording demons SPEEDWOLF on their first European conquest. Motor-charged, thrashed to death, and held together by an overdose of speed, this Fall of 2013, don't miss your chance at seeing these purveyors of classic metal as they burn across the European wasteland! Full...

Hot News: Speedwolf announce dates for “Spring Speed Overdose” tour

NWODHM speedfreaks SPEEDWOLF announce tour dates for their "Spring Speed Overdose" tour. Still riding high on their critically acclaimed debut album, Ride With Death, released by HELLS HEADBANGERS during the autumn of 2011, and touring the continent multiple times now, SPEEDWOLF's latest conquest sees them hitting both the esteemed Maryland Deathfest and Chaos in Tejas...

Hot News: Speedwolf premiere new video

NWODHM speedfreaks SPEEDWOLF premiere the video for "Speedwolf," the band's very first video. Speedwolf's selfsame anthem hails from their critically acclaimed debut album, Ride With Death, released by HELLS HEADBANGERS during the autumn of 2011. Since the album's release, SPEEDWOLF have been touring all across the country, numerous times, and...

Hot News: Speedwolf’s “One Nation Under the Wolf Tour” starts next month!

NWODHM speedfreaks SPEEDWOLF will be taking their hi-octane heavy metal action to the road next month, playing 'n' burning across half the United States (and one Canadian date) in a tour dubbed "One Nation Under the Wolf Tour." SPEEDWOLF will be touring in support of their HELLS HEADBANGERS debut album,...

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