The Lion’s Daughter

Hot News: The Lion’s Daughter – New Track From Animal Rescue Benefit Seven-Inch Now Playing At Cvlt Nation

On May 27th, St. Louis doom-bringers, THE LION'S DAUGHTER, along with Memphis metallic hardcore unit, Nights Like These, will unleash a very special split seven-inch. Serving as THE LION'S DAUGHTER's follow-up to their critically-adored A Black Sea collaboration with folk ensemble Indian Blanket last year, the seven-inch features one new track from each band...

Hot News: The Lion’s Daughter – Revolver Premieres New Video From St. Louis Doom Doers

St. Louis stark black doom troupe, THE LION'S DAUGHTER, recently completed a video for "Swann." Directed by Brain Cummings, produced by Adam Taylor with art direction by Josh Rowan, the strikingly grim eight-plus minute production is loosely centered around news stories of those mentally ill who've been locked up and sentenced to...

Hot News: The Lion’s Daughter – New Track From St. Louis Doom Metal Night Stalkers Now Playing At Decibel

Following the recent unveiling of their latest long player, A Black Sea, St. Louis doom metal night stalkers, THE LION'S DAUGHTER, spew forth "Gods Much More Terrible." A fully collaborative effort between THE LION'S DAUGHTER and somber folk collective/fellow St. Louis occupants, Indian Blanket, A Black Sea is a torrid sound collage of dark and light recorded, mixed...

Hot News: The Lion’s Daughter – St. Louis Doom Metal Misfits Unleash Collaboration With Folk Ensemble Indian Blanket; New Track Streaming

St. Louis doom metal misfits, THE LION'S DAUGHTER, are pleased to unearth the forbidden fruit of their latest full-length, A Black Sea. A full collaborative effort between THE LION'S DAUGHTER and somber folk ensemble/fellow St. Louis occupants, Indian Blanket, the initial idea was to create just one special song together, however through an enormous...

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