Hot News: Vastum’s Patricidal Lust LP Stream Flanks Meticulous Interrogation Of Band Via Invisible Oranges

VASTUM's sophomore LP, Patricidal Lust, is now streaming in its entirety, as the vicious maelstrom of conceptual debauchery and drop-tuned whiplash is about to infiltrate the public in less than a week via 20 Buck Spin. Brandishing the San Franciscan quintet's most demoralizing hymns to date, the nearly forty-minute duration of Patricidal Lust succumbs...

Hot News: Vastum – San Fran Death Horde To Discharge Second LP Via 20 Buck Spin

Following a seemingly silent stretch over the past few months, VASTUM is preparing to discharge their atrocious sophomore LP this Autumn. Once again the plodding, pulverization of this deviant San Franciscan VASTUM horde -- a pack of deviants hailing from such acts as Acephalix, Necrot, Hammers of Misfortune and other Bay Area underworld collectives...

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